Always Cloak Affiliate Links?

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Hey guys, it makes sense to me to cloak any affiliate links I use in my blog to keep from being penalized at all.

Is it a best practice to always cloak affiliate links in articles for simple article marketing as well?

When should you cloak those links and when you let it slide?
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    If you are putting articles up on EzineArticles you are not meant to use affiliate links.

    You can send traffic to your own landing page with a review on then forward the traffic on.

    In terms of cloaking my own personal view is that people overworry about this topic. If you are selling internet marketing products then your customer will understand the process and may try and get a discount so cloaking can help. But in other niches unless your link looks untidy I personally would not worry.

    When cloaking links always make sure that the cookie works still and you are going to get paid.

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      you wont get a penalty for not cloaking affiliate links
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    You can always offer a bonus to anybody who buys through you. This is common practice and is responsible for lots of sales. Offer something of value and it may sway them.
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    I always cloak links as they look better. If you are using Wordpress, you might want to check out this free plugin:

    Pretty Link WordPress Plugin ? Blair Williams

    I just tried it and it works fine. The best part is it tracks number of clicks too.
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      Great plugin, thanks alot for sharing. Maybe we should start a thread with usefull wp plugins...
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    Also...Some aff links won't work properly when cloaked, so make sure to test them out and see if your id is still there in the order page.


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      Well, I personally do not really cloak my links. I merely use subdomains to redirect. I have heard some people saying that a certain cases link cloaking can result in affiliate ID being lost along the process and as a result the affiliate does not get paid.

      I mean, seriously, any online marketers who are around for a few months will be able to detect a cloaked line when they see it. On the other hand, normal folks do not even know what an affiliate link is. So personally I do not see why links need to be cloaked in the first place. If you are getting paid by referring a product, there is no need to hide that fact although there is no need to explicitly announce it either.
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    There may be a new reason to cloak one's links. I've heard 'rumors' of google dropping quality scores on sites with excessive affiliate links. I've been using the gocodes plugin in wordpress and putting a no go in the robots.txt file for the go directory.

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