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I'm always trying out new ways to deliver better content to my subscribers.

...creating video after article after, podcast, etc..

And I'm getting a little tired of creating content that only a part of my list is wanting.

But I've notice one thing, when I create a piece of content, lets say a video with nothing but usable content. For example, I just send out an email saying I've posted a new video to my blog and wanted to get it out to them...

...The video had nothing to sell, nor did I have any AdSense or anything else on the blog. It was truly just good usable content about how to segment their list to increase click-through.

I showed some results I've been getting and wanted to see if they would be getting similar results.

But Here's What I Noticed and Is the Reason Why I'm Asking (Posting) This Thread

I'm starting to notice that my list is kind of picking and choosing which kind of topics they are wanting to receive from me.

...some are wanting to learn about putting together an offer, some need help on getting started with list building, etc...

Meaning that I could create content on one subject, but a PART of my list is wanting another type of content.

And here's the point

Instead of creating content on a bunch of different sub-topics within my niche, why don't I just get on a live stream, promote it as a free event to my list and just answer their questions personally.

And maybe even help them create some of the stuff with them. So the live stream would be an interactive event, where they ask the questions, I answer them and then offer further help with actually putting everything together.

About the show

So this would be like a webinar, but NOT. The major difference would be that NOTHING is scripted, edited or filtered. What I'm thinking about doing is, literally getting in-front of a webcam and live streaming to my email list and answering there questions.

I'm NOT looking to sell anything on the show, my main focus of the show is to provide useful results, in advance of me ever asking for money. The show is only about the questions my list has submitted to me and the responses with personal attention.

I'm thinking about doing the shows on a bi-weekly schedule, for around two to three hours long.

  1. It's more personal, I think I can develop the relationship better this way.
  2. Allows me to only create content that my list is exactly wanting at the right time.
  3. Creates EXCELLENT re-purposing content, that I can use to create mini-affiliate funnels later on.

  1. It requires them to participate, they would need to submit questions and maybe even get live on web cam with me. Not a big deal for me, but I know some people are shy.
  2. Bandwidth limitations, I have a decent upload speed (20MB), So I'm looking to get around 250 people on the show. I think that's the max my internet connection can handle.
  3. Of course, me looking like a fool. I am human and I don't have a perfect answer for everybody.

So, to my poll...

The question is...Pretend you were on my email list...

Would you show up for an event like this?

Yes or No..??

...and furthermore, would you think that this kind of personally one-on-one help is useful TOO YOU.

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    So... you think your subscribers who, by your admission, are cherry-picking the subjects to read in your emails, are going to hang around during a non-scripted webinar hoping that a particular topic of interest to them will come up?

    Or am I misunderstanding your question?


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    That's a good point, Frank. I could theme the shows to maybe gather interest, however, I was thinking that they on there own accord would seek out answers to their questions. This is why I said that they would need to participate. The fact that they submitted a question, would that gather the interest of at least the person that submitted the question.

    With that being said, I'm sure that if one person has a question, then I'm thinking others would to.


    P.S. Thanks for the reply
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      Mark, I think you'd be better off creating themed webinars; for example, one about email marketing, another about sales funnels etc. You could even get your subscribers to opt in for them so that you'd get a more segmented list to help you better target your emails in future.


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        I think it is a wonderful idea if well organised.That way you will actually be helping those who really need your help. This is what I think. Start by sending out to your list a message, video or whatever telling them the five or six questions you will be answering in your next live stream.You can in the mail or video summarize the topics of the questions.(those that where asked by your readers I mean) Also make them understand after answering all the questions that you prepared if there is still time you will take on any other question out from the topics you will be dealing on Hope that makes sense and I also hope it did help. So yes I will love to be in such a live streaming Q&A
        Learning and Growing as an Affiliate Marketer with My Secrete Tube Mechanic Notes
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    I agree with Frank. I think organizing themed webinars is a good way to go. That way, only the people that are interested in that topic would participate, and the ones not interested would not show up anyway.

    One thing though. My coach has taught me that you should ALWAYS be selling - even when you're not. That means, even when you're giving away free content, what is the reason you're doing that? To get your list more involved with you so you can sell them more.

    I'm bringing that up because doing free webinars on a regular schedule, without selling anything at the end, might be very time consuming on your part, without any rewards - they still may not buy because they're getting all the content for free and they know it.

    So, I would consider it a test to see if it brings in more sales in the end.
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    I personally think this is a very good i, though i would like to come with a suggestion:

    Instead of just sending an email to your list saying: "Ok livestream at 8 guys, remember to show up"

    You should create hype by sending a survey to your list asking if they want to see you livestream first, so you can decide if you really want to do it based on if people are going to come to the livestream. After you've done this in a way that should make them answer "yes" on your survey and them actually saying that they want to come to you livestream, you should create hype by sending an email every day or every second day with your regular content but also adding some like: "Next sunday at 11 AM EST i am going to livestream and answer your questions "

    Of course you have to write it more proffesionally than what i wrote but you get my point.

    Good luck on your new "project"

    - Kabbas
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