What is cross linking?

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Friends, I want to know about Cross Linking.
What is cross linking?
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    Cross linking is essentially building your own in-house link farm to boost your rank in the search engines.

    For this example, let's use 4 sites within the same niche- we'll call them A, B C and D

    If you linked from A to B and then from B to A, Google would discredit both of those links in most cases. So webmasters build a number of similar sites and link A->B, B->C, C->D, and D->A. Then they can also link A-> C & D, B-> C & D, etc. to make it appear like all these sites are hugely popular...even though they may not be.

    Some companies will build hundreds or even thousands of these kinds of sites to use as an organic link farm, and for now it can push a good bit of authority to your main site. The downside is that all the sites in the cross-link have to be fairly reputable or the entire chain breaks down....which means that it's quite an investment to do properly.

    Eventually though, cross linking will be penalized as soon as Google figures out how to spot it, so I wouldn't recommend getting too carried away with it. Others will build link farms to their social sites figuring that the penalties will never touch their main domain, but again...it's risky since this is clearly black hat SEO. But if you're just going to cross link a dozen or so sites, then you should be okay...as long as the quality is there.

    And be forewarned- my advice will not be popular here because there are a lot of folks who do not understand SEO. Others could care less if you get penalized so they're going to tell you amazing stories of how you can rank overnight by spamming away....so just be prepared. Cross linking still works well TODAY but it is also a priority of Google to be shut down completely.

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    Thanks for starting this thread, I had no idea what cross linking was either. Thanks for the detailed answer kk075. It sounds strategic but yes if Google is about to shut it down then I'll stay away from it.
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    A strategy that come in handy which is higher search engine ranking by leveraging multiple domain owned by you is termed as cross linking.
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    @kk075 thanks for sharing your experience. its helpful
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    Cross linking is a process of linking two individual sites to each other to get more visitors and for increasing the traffic of the website.
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