Is There A Parallel Marketing Atmosphere

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This may be a weird question but, is there another list of "Guru's" aside from the ones that are most commonly referred to in this forum?

To be more clear... Is there another group of these people:

1.John Reese
2.Frank Kern
3.Mike Filsaime
4.Eben Pagen
5.Jeff Walker
6.The Stompernet Guys
7.Armand Morin
8.Joel Comm
9. I will stop at #9

I'm sure you guys know the others.

The reason I'm asking this question is because the above marketers have a lot of credibility in this forum. And, their marketing strategies, whether praised or criticized get a bunch of attention here.

I always wonder if there are other popular communities, like the Warrior Forum (that we don't know about) that view another set of internet marketers as the industries "Guru's."

By the way, this isn't a "Guru" bash. But if there is another group of big time marketers that we aren't aware of. How would the above marketers compare to them?

Which group has more successful launches?

Who generates more money?

Whose marketing strategies are more effective?

Before I actually joined this forum, I followed it for almost a year. During that time I noticed that a lot of the marketers here have adopted many of the perspectives of the above marketers-myself included. And, I sometimes question their effectiveness.

Don't get me wrong, I know these guys are the "real deal." But, are they really the best?

My final question is:

Do we call theses marketers "Guru's" more for their popularity or their marketing skills?


p.s. Again, this is not a "Guru" bash. It's an honest question.
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