What do you think of this idea for promoting ClickBank products?

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What do you think of this idea for promoting ClickBank products?
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    how are you going to promote your websites ?
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      is it through SEO or ppc or some other mode ?
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    More than likely this will be a waste of time.

    First you can not just copy someone else's work and use it yourself. You will need permission from the vendor to do that.

    Second, it sounds like your plan is to make many very "thin" websites. this type of site will probably not get much traffic and the traffic they do get will probably leave very quickly.

    Third, You need to be careful directly linking to checkout page. There is a certain way to do this correctly and you should learn it. you risk losing your commission if this is not done correctly


    Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
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    .info domains aren't cheap any more. They cost about $10 so they are even more expensive than .com's considering that GoDaddy always have .COM coupon offers available. Also, I think .com sites instil more trust in visitors than .info because they are the most popular used TLd so id go with .com where possible.

    It could work, but it probably isn't the most efficient method.

    Vendors landing pages are copyrighted as said above. You could tweak your method so instead of using the vendors landing page, just use your written original content.

    Many people have had the idea if they build a large amount of websites earning about $1/day each then it will amount to a very good monthly income. In reality though, many of the websites don't earn anything because they don't have enough time to devote to promoting all those many websites to get sufficient traffic.

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      Yes, .COM websites still have more authority than .INFO sites, and yes, .INFO are no longer as cheap as they once were.

      It is always alluring to work harder than smarter. It's better to get a few different lead catcher sites with some quality leading to the money sales page rather than building 100's of thin sites that will probably not even make the $1/day you are hoping to do.

      People building tons of sites and using the brute force approach to making small incomes on each site rather than making a few good sites and making the same amount of income on them is always the choice one has to make.

      I would choose to work smarter and NOT harder.
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    Building so many web sites and generating traffic through SEO is too much of a gamble. Focus on one niche and drive traffic through using paid traffic to a squeeze page through a sales funnel. Yes, paid traffic not free traffic. Paid traffic can get you data you need to refine your sales funnel today. As oppose to SEO you are going to wait months to see any results.

    Also remember what you are attempting to do is already being done by every John, Dick and Jane out there. The entry barrier is low, so that means it's too saturated. Pick something that is hard to do and go that way instead. It's worth it in the long-term.
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    I think your plan will work really well, provided that you can implement it in 2010.

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      The "what if" reasoning or logic rarely, if ever, works in Internet marketing.

      What if I make 100 sites and only earn a measly $20/month average on each site . . . I'll be rich!

      It's the logic of a scammer because . . . well . . . it seems so logical!

      Google will not give you any love - they have seen this business model time and again and they know that the site does not have the relevance that is wanted by their viewers. So they are not going to funnel their traffic to you.

      You will be overwhelmed trying to keep 100 sites from going "stale." You will be in for a massive amount of work and the profit you get from it will be minimal.

      Just focus on creating and growing one web site and make it some thing that your audience actually wants. It's a much better business model.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    make a sales funnel

    buy traffic

    collect names

    send them your informative sales newsletter
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    It sounds like you already had your mind made up.

    I would like to explain the reason why i first thought about this business model.
    Your reason for coming up with the business model really doesn't matter. It doesn't change the fact that you are in for a big disappointment.

    I don't even understand why you asked for feedback in the first place, since you seem to think that you've got it all figured out, already.

    Let us know how that works out for you.

    Sid Hale
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    Why wouldn't you. It's the main source of my income. The nice thing about clickbank is the products are good. Well most of them. See they have a stricked product listing policy that you have to go by and then you have to get approval before they allow your product on the marketplace.

    They are one of the main or thy main affiliate network online for the last few years alone. Beware though and I say this because I don't want you getting the wrong idea and thinking its easy just to send traffic straight to an affiliate page today.

    The truth is you can still do this but your conversions are terrible for both your time and your dollar being spent.

    Build a funnel around your product and leverage your marketing and increase your numbers!
    A great way for affiliates to make and grow a monthly income!
    ==> https://theresidualclub.com
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