Free Report, Pushing and Shoving, Im Confused.

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I made a free report and then took a PLR ebook and edited it to be a buyer finder.

Now this is where I got confused.

When I get them on my list I want to provide some value and build a realtionship.

I also want to push the buyer finder towards them.

So far I use 2 emails that are informative with a couple of links to the buyer finder, although I don't know in which way I push this hard without seeming pushy or breaking the realtionship I'm building with my report.

I need them to buy the buyer finder so I can then offer them the more expensive backend product.

Do I just push the buyer finder continuosuly through providing informative emails, with a link to it?

Or do I try a few times and if they dont take it, send them to the backend offer before they go find something else?

Thanks WF

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    I'm 'assuming' that when you say 'buyer finder' that the book is about how to find: targeted, responsive prospects.

    Targeted meaning that if the product YOUR customer is trying to sell is about cat training (I'm sick of seeing dog training as an example) then where to find cat owners would be the target.

    Responsive meaning, THEY BUY cat training products.

    If this is the case, what you want to do is provide a 'sample' section of each of the methods used in your book in each e-mail, with a call to action to visit the (sales letter, don't use that phrase) to find out 20, 50, 100 whatever, more ways to find targeted prospects for any niche...

    If you want a little guidance, shoot me a PM. I'll go over your book and plan with you.

    Warmest Regards,
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      I have posted you a PM, I'm not sure that what I wrote made sense in that the buyer finder is a product to weed out the people who will buy so I can push the higher ticket item in their direction.

      Although, I'll await my response from PM.

      Thanks Buddy.

      Best Wishes


      Started this stuff 2009. Time is what will teach you the skills you need.

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