Is There Any Way To Watch A Webinar If I Can't Make It?

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There are always webinars that I can never make because of work. However I would like to watch them. Is there any way around this?
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    Ask for a video copy. I guarantee there is one!
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    Usually a webinar will have replays, if not, ask the person if they can send you a link or a copy.
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    The host may offer a replay. They may choose not to.

    If they do give a replay, they should email you with the link afterwards.

    Unfortunately, the closest thing to DVR online is to use a screen capture tool that you get to start up before the webinar begins. Just make sure your computer has enough memory to store the file.
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      I never watch anything live. I record everything in Camtasia and watch it at my leisure. If I wanted someone setting my schedule for me, I'd be married.

      Cheers. - Frank
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    Webinars usually have replays. If it's a google hangout, the replay link is always live once the hangout is over. Just keep track of your email. Replays are usually emailed out.
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    There will always be a replay.

    Do request it for sure from the person who is hosting it.

    But make sure you optin to that particular webinar that you want to see and you will get a replay.

    I very rarely ever watch a live one. I like to watch it in my own time so I can stop it and make notes.

    Hope this helps



    Tiffany Mika

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