Is it worth building a website for the long run?

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I am thinking about building a very high quality website which I will eventually rely on for full income, to replace my current employment. Is it worth building a site with a view to 15 years ahead? I don't want to dedicate so much time building up a site only to find people moving away from using websites 4/5 years down the line to some other new technology. It will be a big waste of time and effort. We have a family business, in the restaurant trade, situated at a tourist attraction, so it won't be the end of the world if the website fails. But my goal is to eventually rely on the site for full time income because I want to do something intellectually more satisfying than just running and working in the family food place. I have been studying for a degree and gaining some experience working part time in a business related to my degree. However, I want to now create my own site providing analysis of the industry. This is a big niche and the traffic potential huge. The top sites get millions of uniques a month.

I know about the competition, SEO, etc that needs to be considered, but for now I would simply like to know whether websites would be viable 10-15 years down the line.

By the way, this will be a content site, built entirely for the user and not search engines (not to be confused with search engine optimisation), not content developed to sell products. Revenue sources like Adsense, which I will be using to earn revenue, will be an afterthought. I know how important it is these days to build content for the user.
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    Yours is a noble goal and I wish you the best of luck, which you'll need a lot of.

    As for the future, the web isn't going away, but it is moving rapidly toward mobile users who view the web on small screens or in dedicated apps. Therefore any strategy you create must include "responsive" web sites and Apple/Android apps.
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    No, it's not worth it.

    Your whole income (and life) would depend on a property that is one algorythm change of google away from oblivion.

    If you are in it for the long run build a list!

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    For the long run, I say "yes".... building a website is worth it for the long run.

    As for now, you should build the site. I can tell you're a very analytical person. Don't let that get in the way of your financial freedom - for you, and your family.

    As a marketer, you have to stay on top of the industry anyway. Just survive and adapt, and make sure you have the skill to sell virtually anything online.

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      Technology changes about every 2 years. Wouldn't it be nice to know what's going to happen to the net 4 to 5 years from now?

      Try to visit tech sites to keep abreast of latest news, trends, and developments. Here's a list to start you off -- 45 Top Sites For Tech Information | InstantShift

      Maybe it's good to find out the game plan of authority sites 4 to 5 years from now. Take their lead.

      EDIT: I just noticed that the first link is a bit dated. Here's a more recent list -- Top 40 best technology news websites -
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        Originally Posted by redstar10 View Post

        If you build a great site then you can monetise it many ways, not necessarily just Adsense. And in fact, if I am not mistaken, Adwords bidding is getting dearer each passing year which should result in higher higher earnings for publishers displaying Adsense. Almost every passing quarter Google announces bigger ad revenue through their Adwords program when they release quarterly financials. But to be honest with you, advertising income is not on my mind at the moment. Yahoo's Adsense equivalent, Yahoo-Bing network, is only now really getting off the mark.

        However, I do think the golden period for websites probably were the last 15 years, more so than probably then next 15 are going to be. But in saying that, some people will suggest we have only just scratched the surface of say, for example, e-commerce. While Amazon might one day become a trillion dollar company (maybe in a couple of decades, or sooner) the traditional offline giant that is Walmart, is headed the other way,
        Yes, everyone is banking from local septic tank ads.
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          Yes it can definitely be worth it. And I think in 15years from now Websites will still be relevant.

          Much like snail mail it was always have a presence and use, imo !!

          But I would diversify and not put my eggs all in one basket.

          - Robert Andrew
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  • I would say that depends on how dedicated you are going to be towards the site. Can you make it an authority site with useful content and can maintain and update it constantly? If so, then Id say YES, but if the answer is No, then it would not be worth it, in my opinion.
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    I think you have as much chance now as you have in the next 15 years, I've seen very busy website get loads of traffic but with changes made every so often they just started to die.
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    15 years? You can make a website profitable in less than a month if you know what you are doing.
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      Originally Posted by Jay D View Post

      15 years? You can make a website profitable in less than a month if you know what you are doing.
      There is a big difference between making a site profitable in the short term and one that becomes your lifeblood. I want to build a site that is sustainable for years to come, which brings in very good revenue, becomes amongst the leaders of the niche or industry it is in.

      I am going to take the attitude that websites are here to stay. Before websites, we had the print industry, which published books, newspapers, etc that lasted for a couple of hundred years, so perhaps websites will survive decades at least. As the saying goes, content (or shall we say, quality content) is king.
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    There are no guarantees.

    You put up a website...OK, now you need an offer. And an audience. How long are you prepared to work to get these aligned and paying you money?

    And what if you can't make this work...after a year...or two years? How long do you stick with it before saying, "This isn't going to work"? Now you have a domain that doesn't match your next offer.

    It takes skill, perseverance, and more than a little luck to get the pieces together in a profitable way.

    Honestly, you probably won't make it work on your first try. Few people do. Saying, "I want to create a profitable website to replace my income" is great, but the stick-to-it-iveness necessary to reach that goal is far more than the three days most people work on an idea before hopping to the next shiny thing.
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  • The best strategy is a long haul strategy if you don't have the funds to IPO right at the beginning
    Premium WooCommerce & WordPress Plugins $10/ea. or FREE With Membership.
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    A blog for content creation will never go away. Do a simple google search and see how many blogs are created daily. If you want long-term results, then start a blog now, not one of those free ones, create content and keep promoting them. Always provide value first. That way, people will always be attracted to your blog. Never forget to always build a list and share that value with your list. If you ask me, a blog is the best way to create long-term gets even more solidified with a list.
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    Absolutely, just make sure its responsive so it looks good on mobile and desktop and you're all set.
    I have both iphone & ipad and hate surfing the web with them and typing on them, I use my laptop 98% of the time. Love the bigger screen.

    I use and Udemy on Desktop at home and mobile too when Im away, so the content is available on both platforms and I like that. Even if you make an app thats mobile only, you'll still need some kind of website, even if its just a placeholder nothing-site telling people where to download the app.
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    Website are not going to go anywhere, as long as the internet is relevant, and it's going to be relevant for a VERY LONG time.

    But, you do need to adapt to the changes that happen in the market.

    For example, browsing through mobiles was non-existent a couple of years back, but now around 50% of the internet traffic are smart phone users. If your website is not mobile compatible, you've lost 50% of your potential traffic/revenue.

    There is nothing wrong with starting a business with a long time goal in mind, but don't spend all your time on it. As a poster above me said, don't keep all yours eggs in the same basket. Spread them out.

    That's a lesson I learned the hard way.
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      Content Production be it written videos or images will keep growing because it is a form of communication which is part of humanity. A website is just a media that carries the content. It started with the writing on stones, scrolls, papers, and now on websites.

      My point is, no matter the changes the messages can be transformed to the latest media. what is important is that you share that which is in you for now and leave the future to take care of the future. Exple, We are moving very fast to smartphones but websites are being transformed to a readable form on Phones and tablets but the content stays input.Hope that helps
      Learning and Growing as an Affiliate Marketer with My Secrete Tube Mechanic Notes
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    Originally Posted by redstar10 View Post

    Is it worth building a site with a view to 15 years ahead?
    I think a more helpful question might be is it worth building a business looking 15 years ahead?

    A website is nothing more than a sales, marketing and support platform for your business, right? Do you have a business model that will remain valid for the next 15 years? If you do, then you can adapt your sales, marketing and support to take advantage of changing trends and technologies.

    The website is NOT the business. It was that kind of thinking that caused the .com bust.

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    I believe the best online business model to build is a service. There are services that have been thriving for years and once the main service is done you just have to work on updating and customer service.

    Some examples of such services are ClickBank, Aweber, Infusionsoft, DUvisio, Getresponse, GVO, JVZoo, HostGator, Kajabi, GoToWebinar, and the list can go on and on.

    There is content to create but it only changes as your service changes. If the business is designed with the right framework it will be easy to change as the Internet changes.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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      A podcast with Russell Brunson, he explains how he hired Neil Patel to help him with his traffic funnels. Neil Patel is has been listed as one of the most influential guys online and Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers.

      Russell asked Neil his secret to inbound traffic and making money everyday:

      Neli answered: "I blog everyday"

      Then Russell asked "What do you do next?"

      And Neil said: "I blog everyday"

      And then Russell asks: "Ok then what?"

      And Neil says: "That's it - I just blog everyday"

      Russell says:

      "It's unsexy, it's not magic or exciting - it's the future. If you don't start today a year from now you're going to be so far behind from what everyone is doing. Because it's going to be harder and harder to do paid ads. The future is in free inbound traffic".

      So listening to that I would say yes, it's worth building a site with a long term view!
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    Originally Posted by redstar10 View Post

    I know about the competition, SEO, etc that needs to be considered, but for now I would simply like to know whether websites would be viable 10-15 years down the line.
    This seems to be your primary concern, so the answer is simply: You're guess is as good as mine or anybody else's here.

    If someone says to you, "No. Websites will not be viable in 10-15 years", How would anyone prove that?

    You already know what you want to do, so do it. Make adjustments as needed.
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    Make the site much more informative; I am sure it will work for you for long run.
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      yes but be prepare....which I training least daily update my site.

      I can't say my site is very pro ...just simple. I want to keep it simple.

      I fail once.....but rebuild again ...since now i have time.

      Summary is TIME and learn how to shared by fellow WR which I also learning now

      Promote your site take time
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    Just blog for today and let the future take care of itself

    It could change radically or it could not. I started in the 80s with the IBM pc and I don't think the word blog was even invented yet.

    All you can do is work in the present and keep open all the options you can.
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    I admire your courage to seek change in a comfortable environment. No matter what the outcome, when you take this step, you will succeed. so I think you should build the website.

    Enjoy life, Enjoy free!

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    Yes a website can run for a long time. Even it can run for about 10 years or more. So you can spend money for your website to make online visibility.
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    The world has taken to the web. Various kinds of devices connect to the web. Big businesses, like banks, have a vested interest in their own websites being accessed by their customers a) because it keeps their costs down and b) because customers are increasingly getting into the habit of using an online (web) method of conducting their affairs.

    So I'd say the use of websites will be around for a long time to come.

    But the difficulties of getting traffic, high rankings etc, will never go away either.
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    Sure,do it. I've built my first site in 2003 (500 pages) and I'm still profiting from it.
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    Technology changes very fast, but I think it's a safe bet to say websites will still be going strong in five years. What's not a safe bet is building something today and planning for its continued success fifteen years from now. Sure, many businesses stand the test of time, but those same businesses planned for the near future, not a decade and a half out. Have you ever seen a business plan? Most include three years of future financial estimates and an exit strategy. Retirement is rarely a good exit strategy. But who knows, I may be dead wrong.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    Of course it is worth for a long run.
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    I would say yes, my blog is the center hub of my business. At all points, in all offers, products, & sales, they all lead back to my hub. But don't rely on SEO, sure it's good to follow best SEO practices, but don't rely on it to bring in traffic. Put in the work to get your name out there in your niche. Also look to paid methods to develop your traffic flow. PPC, media buys, email swaps, etc.

    If it's a blog then guest posting still works very well. Google has been putting word out that they discourage it for SEO... But when I guest post it isn't to get my link out there, it's to get my name and brand in front of new readers.

    - Matt G.
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