Does Anybody Have Any Real Success With Squidoo?

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I see a lot of people taking about marketing with Squidoo. I signed up about 9 months ago and have experimented with it a lot ... I've tried marketing clickbank products, writing about my own interests and hobbies and some niche marketing.

I've never earned more than $8 from the Squidoo adsense share program, though I realise that's not where the money is. Most of my niche topics don't get very much traffic at all and even when they do get traffic they don't convert very well.

In fact the lens that gets the most traffic is a personal interest lens that is almost impossible to monetize.

The only way I can make money from Squidoo is to jump on a hot trend and I have had some success with this but it's intense, time consuming and the rewards are often short lived.

I have 65 lenses and I am asking myself if it's really worth continuing with? I love the concept of Squidoo but when it comes to making money with it, is there something I don't know? How is everybody else doing with Squidoo?
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    I found this a few days ago,... Linkwheel Explained (no aff)

    You have to optin but it's well worth it. Read the whole pdf through before you start.

    Warmest Regards,
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      Originally Posted by Corwinnx View Post


      You have to optin but it's well worth it. Read the whole pdf through before you start.

      Warmest Regards,
      This is the second time I saw this linkwheel concept today, but decided to download the ebook. Theoretically it sounds like it should work great. I'm going to give it a try tonight and tomorrow and see how it goes.

      Thanks Marcus
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      In a word, yes.

      As a matter of fact, a product that I sell, that has almost no market at all
      (one I created myself) has gotten the few sales it has because of my
      Squidoo lens.

      You have to treat it like you would your own blog (assuming you treat that
      right) I have a series of lenses for the niche that all time in together. Each
      one has loads of content on it.

      That's what you have to do to make Squidoo work.

      Just like with anything else.

      ** EDIT **

      Look up Megan Fox's Tatoos and see what the number 1 result is.
      Look up Ways to lower your blood sugar and see what the number 2 result is.

      Squidoo can rank well just like any other site can.

      It's not the's the content on it.
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        Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

        It's not the's the content on it.
        This is my favorite part. I always work on my own sites rather than spending a lot of time on Squidoo kind of sites.
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    Tracey, now that you have 65 lenses, have you applied to be a Giant Squid? You'll get some extra tools and guidance to help you build your Squidoo empire...

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    i have just had some new squidoo lenses created for me and one was for my company name with links to quite a few of my products. I have had loads of traffic from them and quite a few sales of these ebooks so i cant deny it has been successful. However i havent had any sales with the actual adsense on it.

    if you want to learn squidoo here is a brand new free tutorial:

    Samantha Milner's Expert Series - Become a Squidoo Expert in 24Hrs

    kind regards

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    I have been using squidoo for a short time and even though I don't get a lot of traffic, I've managed to rank #2 and #3 for some small keywords.
    my problem with squidoo is that it's not converting traffic to clicks...
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    Squidoo can attract a lot of visitors, especially if you target low competition keywords.

    However, CTR used to be very low, may be due to the distractions in the lens, such as colorful ads and other stuffs.

    Are you looking for an affordable all-in-one SEO package?
    Introducing... LinkJoos V2.0
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    I just had one of my lenses locked because it was detected as a "spam lens". But you are better off with articles as they get ranked faster and bring in more traffic. Just treat your articles like you would your sites and get some backlinks to them to beat out the competition. Personally I like to blast out content all over to article directories and several web 2.0 sites for both backlinks and direct traffic to my CPA and affiliate links.
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    Squidoo allows only 9 outbound links from a lens to a single domain. It also checks for overly promotional lenses. This happens with hub pages as well. They don't allow more than 2 or 3 links to the same domain from a single page.

    They may lock the lenses / pages if we dont follow their rules.

    Can't help it
    Are you looking for an affordable all-in-one SEO package?
    Introducing... LinkJoos V2.0
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        Ok just to give you a short example I've setup one squidoo lens targeting a keyword that only gets about 10 searches per day and I've made $400 in the last 30 days just from that lens.

        Product reviews works good if you can give valuable information. Most people will type in a product name in Google before buying, that's your chance to capture them and let them make the final buying decision on your page.

        Find out more about the product what's the thing people are wondering about when typing in the product name, if you can figure that out and grab their attention with your headline you'll be able to get most traffic even if your in position #3.

        The easiest way is to take the top 3 products in that niche and compare them to each other with a ranking like 9.9/10 , 9.8/10, 9.7/10.

        Post a review of each product on each module, make it look like you reviewed much more than 3 to select those 3 as the top 3. This will make the number one product stand out even more.

        hope this helps

        Inex Your Backlinks With The #1 Service:

        My Other Website:

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          Originally Posted by Arnold JVR View Post

          Ok just to give you a short example I've setup one squidoo lens targeting a keyword that only gets about 10 searches per day and I've made $400 in the last 30 days just from that lens.
          Wow ... WSO please
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    I don't think it is hard at all to make money with squidoo, ofcouse free traffic is on you, you can get as much free traffic as your willing to work for. For example if you chose to write 1 article a day you could figure that as maybe 10-20 visitors per month but if you write 10 articles a day thats 100-200 visitors a month, it really depends on how much you are willing to get traffic. I would use affiliate marketing on squidoo and if someone is not converting well then your either doing something wrong or the niche just is not a good conversion in itself. It would be wise to do some valid keyword research about the niche to see if it is hot or cold. Just use a free keyword tracker and if you have tons of keywords for that niche then go for it. In my opinion it does not matter how much competition you are going against if you are reallying putting in some work.
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      Squidoo, is quite possibly the only web 2.0 property that I have found needs more enginerring than any of the others I use.

      It's inability or lack of doing things in a certain way, like most websites do, causes it to be hard to rank.

      With a little bit of a push and shove with onsite Squidoo optimization, some unique and valuable content, along with some backlinks, there is power to Squidoo.

      It is a nice property to work with, the nicest of any in my opinion. I did cancel my account because they got on my nerves, but yesterday I went back and claimed a few of my lesnes then rebuilt them.

      It is also good for backlinks.


      Started in 2009 now working on the above project.

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    I only use Squidoo for backlinks now because I found that my pages were not ranking well in Google at all - possibly too much competition although I did use long-tailed keywords. I did make 8cents from them last month for five lenses - decided my blog appears to rank better than the Squidoo pages

    I would give you my two cents worth, but I only made 8

    Hire me to write your ebooks - Warriors get a discount: just check out the blog below for more details.
    Gran's tackling the world of IM - check out the blog here
    Understanding domestic violence, writing a book in just 8 hours and more can be found here
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      I've made up to $90 per month in shared revenue but it's usually more like $30. It's only my top 3 or 4 lenses that make money. I get a bit of traffic from Squidoo and make a few sales as a result, but overall I would have to say it's not worth putting much time into.
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    Yes, Yes, Yes..

    Squidoo is an awesome power tool for search engine ranking.

    It's all in the HOW you use it with squidoo. If you need some guidance using squidoo.. then I suggest you check out 3 of the ULTIMATE Squidoo Queens of this I.M. pond we share..

    They are, in no particular order:

    PotPieGirl ( | SEO - Squidoo - Niche Marketing - Search Engine Ranking | I Can Help! )

    Kelly Stone ( Squidoo Queen Meets Bum Marketing )

    Tiffany Dow ( Social Networking on Squidoo )

    These ladies are the ones you need for squidoo.. none of the above are affiliate links.



    p.s. I think that Seth Godin dude does OK with squidoo, too.. but don't take my word for it

    Bare Murkage.........

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      Squidoo is a waste of time if you want just money from it. This is my opinion, period. And I know what I am talking as I waste valuable time with them...two, three sales per month from Squidoo is not serious money...
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    it does work for some folks myself I really just use as standard procedure to build my own little traffic stream because if it is a good quality lens it will drive some traffic. But as of late I have seen a lot of people complaining of squidoo locking lenses and stuff like that but I personally have had no problems.

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