Since When ClickBank Is Selling Physical Products?

by A Bary
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I used to think that ClickBank is only selling digital products, but today I was checking a product on Clickbank that offers a digital and a physical version, and I gone through the checkout process for the physical version to find that it is processed through ClickBank too.
I was surprised and wondering if this has been the case for long, and I just got a misunderstand, or it's a recent change where clickbank is now selling physical products as well?
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    You could always sell a physical version of your digital product. I've been doing it for years on CB.

    The only problem is their refund policy. If the customer receives the physical product and decides to refund, they could keep your product and you'll get stuck with the shipping and handling charge.
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    Well, if they are, then that would be one way to discover any tracking problems they might be having. It might just be Clickbank's saving grace.

    Please keep us informed. Quite interested in this subject.

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    I don't see the physical products on ClickBank Marketplace - ClickBank. Can you show the url (
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      Originally Posted by himanuzo View Post

      I don't see the physical products on ClickBank Marketplace - ClickBank. Can you show the url (
      Many products are offering such an upsell, you can check rocket spanish as an example.
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        You've always been able to sell physical products via Clickbank.

        But to comply with their guidelines you're supposed to give people a digital version as well.
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          The general rule of thumb is that the physical product may only be an ancillary addon to the primary electronic product.

          As per CB's T&

          You may also offer shipped delivery of printed media (books, CD's, and DVD's) as a courtesy to qualified customers (e.g., US and Canada only), provided the shipped media is clearly complementary and not essential to the operation of the originally downloaded digital product.


          The issue I would have with CB is their refund policy or "Free Product Policy" as I like to term it.

          As CB offer refunds instantly and without question, it could potentially be a problem if you're paying for a physical product, shipping and so forth and CB just process the refunds instantly and the customer doesn't have to return your product.

          I'm not sure CB is the best mechansim for physical product, just to many professional refunders out there, especially in IM
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    Originally Posted by View Post

    Yes most places now you need to send a physical version to comply with the companies guidelines/terms and conditions etc

    Not really no, I think you may have miscontrued my post. Clickbank in fact has no requirement for you to send a physical version and infact doesn't currently wish you to deal with physical to any degree.
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