affiliate marketing: naming the product in the teaser + automating your gift delivery

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Hi Warriors!

I have 2 questions for affiliate marketing specialists:

1) If I promote an affiliate marketing software using a short teasing video, would you mention the software name, or would you keep it secret to increase people's curiosity and make them "click to see"?
I always provide high value trainings for people who buy through my link, so to me mentioning the software name in the teasing video should not hurt conversions, but what do YOU think?

2) In my process, when people buy through my link, I ask them to email me their Paypal receipt number so that I can send them my free training video. But I always need to do this task manually and it's time consuming. Do you know how I can automate this reply and make sure that my training is sent ONLY to people who have really purchased using my affiliate link?

Thanks for your advises!
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    I do not know the answer to your 2nd question but as for the first:

    It all depends on how good of a "director" you are and how much curiosity you are able to generate with a video. If you are able to produce a stunning video that will have them waiting like for the next episode of "the walking dead" then by all means do so...

    On the other hand if you can not create this effect and you are just experimenting, then I suggest you stay away from such strategies if you do not see a clear and distinct advantage from it.


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      Regarding question 2.

      If you are providing your training video as a bonus for people who purchase someone else's product via your link it probably depends which affiliate network you are going through.

      For example, JVZoo have a built-in bonus delivery system for affiliates. You would need to find out what the particular affiliate network offers.
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