Three Neat Little Twitter + Wordpress Blog Tricks

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Hi Folks

I thought I'd share with you a couple of neat little "tricks" if you're
promoting your Wordpress (self-hosted) blog on Twitter.

Tip #1 : Use The "/?p=xxx" Just For Twitter

You may already know that, for SEO purposes, you'll want to have a proper "permalink" for each post, ie.


... problem is, this is waaaay too long for Twitter. So you COULD use a shortening service like, but then you lose the BRANDING effect of showing your own domain name... plus, there's the TRUST issue. Some people don't like clicking a link they have no idea where it goes.

Did you know, you can use a proper permalink, and STILL use the original Wordpress default page structure, ie.

http: //

So that's what I now use in my tweets! If you've set your Wordpress blog to have SEO optimized permalinks, this link will simply resolve to the proper link!

So you can now have your true web address in your tweets, for BRANDING and TRUST.

Tip #2: For New Blogs, Drop The "www."

In your Wordpress blog, you can change the URL of your blog, to eliminate the "www." part.

This now gives you 4 extra characters to play with in Twitter!

It also helps if you've picked a short domain name (i.e. so it doesn't take up too much space in a tweet.

Warning: I'd be more cautious about doing this on an older blog which has a decent search engine ranking. That's why I recommend only doing this on a new blog.

Tip #3: Create Your Own Shortening Service, On Your Site!

I like using because it not only shortens long URLs, but it tells you how many clicks a link has received.

But why not program up your own shortening service! You could have it on your own web site, and then put it into a subfolder, i.e.

... with "123" being a unique ID for that link. (If you use A-Z, a-z and 0-9, you can have over 238,000 combinations from just 3 character IDs.)

You don't have to make it a public service, you can use it yourself, but every time you give someone a link, you're indirectly publicizing YOUR site!

It's dead easy to create a redirect page in PHP... the following code will do it...

PHP Code:
... where is the URL of the other site.

If you really want to know how many click-thrus each link gets, you could add a bit of extra code to do that.

(If I knew there was a demand for this, I'd even code it up and make a WSO).

The point is... instead of giving branding to (or whatever service you use), you're branding YOUR site!

Every time you redirect your Twitter followers to another site, you're giving them YOUR branded link!

Obviously it helps if you have a shorter URL. If your URL is too long, Twitter may well shorten it for you, which loses the branding benefit and makes this pointless.

So what do you think of these tips? Do you have any neat little Twitter + Wordpress tricks of your own?
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    Nice tips. I'm sure these will all come in handy for a lot of people.

    I enjoy using for the same reason, a way to track clicks. Thanks for the tips though, with Twitter taking over the internet by storm, things are all starting to adjust to fit it. The more tricks the better.
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