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Hey warriors,

Have a question for you all that's been bugging me for some time. Let me ask the question with a scenerio.

I light up a website and decide, hey, let's put some PLR or scraped content on it. Or I light up a site and put a minimal amount of content on it.

6 months later, I decide, ok, I've got the time to do something better with this site and place about 25 original content articles onto the site, based upon careful keyword research.

Now, I find that these sites, though indexed, will not rank for anything. If I'd have taken my original content and purchased a new domain name, I'd be getting lot's of visitors for tea.

Now, these older, revamped sites are not sandboxed, so to speak. You can still find them indexed nicely in google. And google indexes the newest pages, but the engines just don't want to post the content.

So, the question is, have any of you had any experience with this situation and what's the way out of this box. Or does it just correct itself in a number of months?

Thanks ahead of time!

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    I am having the same problems with my site..
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    I thought old domains and fresh/unique content was a great cocktail. I wonder why this happens.
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    I would concentrate on building a lot of new backlinks. It has been my experience that fresh backlinks and new fresh content are a good mix even on a older domain.
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    I second MarkH45 comments, I've had several sites on first page for good keywords by using quality backlinks and 2+ year old sites.
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