Mac marketing software?

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Hey everyone,

I am curious if there are any article spinner type applications for mac, or any other marketing software products available?

I love the fact that Market Samurai uses Adobe Air, because it works cross platform. If anyone wants to make some bucks in the software end of things, I would think developing for Mac would be a shoe in. hint hint!
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    I Agree I need Some Apps For My Mac

    For Screen Recording i Use Snapz Pro
    Video Editing Final Cut Pro
    Email Client ThunderBird
    FTP CLient i Use Fetch
    Html Editor i Use Kompozer

    What DO You Use? I need some other stuff too.

    Hope this helps
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    Online website tools are the best ... I own 6 Mac's but would not want any software for them (not the software you are asking about anyways). I prefer to use online tools...

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    I agree, I would like to see more Mac apps :-)
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    Yes, as James has said. Web apps work across the board. I only develop web apps, at the minute anyway. Some of my members are mac owners.
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    I use my own custom database apps built in Filemaker pro to do most of my grunt work. Amazing power with no programming knowledge needed.
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    Same. I might make some mac software after i finish up with a web app im working on.

    But aren't article spinners a big no no?
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      Originally Posted by Devan Koshal View Post

      But aren't article spinners a big no no?
      No only those that have no idea how business works think that ... Yes there are different spinners and yes some are crappy.. But - For the most part you get out of it "what YOU put in it"...

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        I use iShowU HD Pro for my screen recording software, then just use iMovie to edit it how I want.

        It does the job for me, but then I mainly use these options for YouTube videos, so quality large videos aren't needed

        I have to say though, iShowU is the best screen recording software I have come across so far. Not free, but worth the money!

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    You might like to check out Article Architect by fellow warrior Jay Jennings. It's not an article spinner, but it will help you write and manage all your articles and marketing campaigns. All Jay's stuff is cross platform and he produces lots of marketing-related software.

    Kind regards, Kerrie

    - - - - -
    Check out my blog here

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