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I am looking to produce my own videos for products that I am promoting and I want to use my voice as audio. I want a headset that has a microphone which blanks out any external noises. I have been looking at a Logitech headset but are there any others that people have used and could recommend.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I've been using the Logitech thats around $55.00 and have been really pleased with it (not sure the model). I've seen some more expensive, but I've had good results with that one.
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    • I used the Logitech Clear Chat Comfort USB.

      Quality was great however it crapped out on my after 1 month. Good thing is Logitech was very easy to work with and they are sending me a replacement headset.

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        I use the Plantronics Audio 625 USB Stereo headset.
        Good sound, pain to reconnect each time but overall happy with it.
        £21.95 inc. delivery by Avant Garde through Amazon.

        Good luck,
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    Best that I can recommend is Sennheiser, just go trough the site and pick a model.

    I used them when I had my "gaming career" going, and if I could hear perfectly and my team-mates could hear me perfectly in a room with 20 other teams playing at the same time...I think they are pretty good

    Plus, from what I understood they tested some of the models in Air Traffic Control towers and call centers.

    EDIT: In case you are interested I used this model:
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    Personally I'm going to get my hands on one of these, a BEAST...

    Audio-Technica AT 2020 | Dolphin Music

    Good price too!

    ps. woops sorry not a headset, i use logitech atm
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    In my experience, it can have as much to do with your soundcard as your mic.

    If you have bought a modern PC, chances are that the soundcard will be 'onboard', i.e. built onto the motherboard, rather than a standalone card. If this is the case, the probability is that audio will be poor.

    If you have built the PC yourself, or upgraded it to have a stadalone card, audio is likely to be far superior.

    Just my opinion!

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    For great audio quality I use Samson C03U -usb
    Great unidirectional condenser Microphone plug and play -no other software needed.
    I use audacity for editing with no problems.
    You can check out the reviews and audio samples at: youtube ->

    Since my purchase I never looked at any other microphone.
    Best of luck on your choice
    articlemaddness (Mike)

    cheatsheet & reports
    visit: http://cheatsheetreports.com

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