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I have a question I would like to toss out. I have been running my own digital consulting company for about 11 years now. Most of the material that I use I create as a result of stuff I have read, seminars, classes, etc. I have always been limited by what I personally can produce and create. Lately I have been taping some other freelancers and networks to expand a tad, but it still comes back to me at the end of the day to get most things done.

I have a friend that does a similar thing, but early on he bought into John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing stuff. As some of you may know John has written a number of books and built a brand for himself. He also started a type of franchise system you can buy into for a pretty big chunk of cash. My friend was in it before it became high dollar and now only pays a small token payment every month to stay in.

This franchise is a real killer app for him. He gets a constant and seemly never ending flow of materials, templates, content, models, documents, etc. to help him build up and run his consulting business. In addition, I found out Jantsch recently created a huge network that his certified coaches can tap into to get anything they need created for clients, i.e. web sites, copy, graphic design, content generation, etc and what seem like unreal low prices.

My question is this. Without going that route what other types of networks are out there that can help an independent consultant support his practice with some of the same advantages. Not having to create everything myself and having a network to plug into would be a huge advantage, but Jantsch's is really pricey these days.

I would love anyone's thoughts on all this.
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