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I want to go into the art niche, giving people resources to learn how to draw, etc. I'm interested in it. Do you think it's a good niche to go into?

Is the best way to monetize through affiliate products (art supplies/drawing guidebooks, etc)?
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    I think art is a good evergreen niche. People are always going to appreciate art of some form and they do spend money on art. If you can narrow down a niche that would help you target a specific market easier. For instance "pencil drawing" (and then you can do subniches such as "drawing flowers" "drawing trees" etc.). You can do keyword research yourself or hire someone to do it pretty cheap...this way you know for sure how much interest there is in that specific niche. Look on Amazon and look through some of the art categories to see what's on the "best selling" list of books and products.

    Yes, you can start off promoting as an affiliate...and as you grow you could create your own guides to sell...or outsource it.

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      Great niche

      An easy way to find the products to promote that you are happy with is to type into Google:

      affiliate:art products

      This search will bring up pages of the best affiliate programmes for you. I recommend you start a blog, build a list of subscribers for long term relationship building & growth.

      Good luck
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    Originally Posted by dog8food View Post

    ...giving people resources to learn how to draw... good niche to go into?
    Heck yeah.

    If you can create products for it, and also backend products for it, then do it. Whenever someone wants to "learn" how to do something, more likely than not, you'll be able to stay in that niche for a LONG time - possibly forever.

    Even if the internet shuts down one day and you have to sell the information offline - I still say it's a good idea.

    People who can draw very well make very good tattoo artists. This is a skill that I am certainly NOT endowed with. But I know some people personally who would love to learn the gift of drawing.
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      How long have people been drawing? That answers your thread title question.

      As far as the best way to monetize, you'll just have to do your research to see what is selling best. The research and due diligence is no different than in any other market.

      Usually selling affiliate products is not as efficient as developing your own products. You are building someone else's business.

      Think about this . . . would you rather be the "drum beater" that sloshes through the muck trying to scare up game for a small wage . . . or . . . the hunter that they're working for who controls them and has the money to pay them (but only when they perform and make the hunter successful)?

      Build your own business with your own products - that's the efficient way to play this game.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I think it would be a great niche to get into !

    One of the good things is that you could sell art supplies through Amazon as an affiliate, which would constantly need replenishing, or need to be replaced, such as brushes, paint, canvases, etc. and thereby get recurring purchases / commissions.
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      Yes, people have been drawing since the cave days.

      As for a niche/market in which to make money, just ponder this...

      How long have those "draw the [whatever]" art school ads been running? (Hint, longer than most of us have been alive.)
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        Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

        How long have those "draw the [whatever]" art school ads been running? (Hint, longer than most of us have been alive.)
        Good point !

        I have comic books in my collection from the 1960`s (waaayyy before the internet) with those art school ads which ask people to draw a turtle, rabbit, fill-in-the-blank, and send in their drawing to get "accepted" into the course.
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    The thing about the art niche, and I'll tie it into all media, is that it's very temperamental. I have no expertise on it as a niche, but as an industry there's no real demand curve. Sure people will always pay to get drawing help, but how much will they pay? Is this a niche where people are going to spend money today? There are a lot of free drawing tutorials on youtube, but then again, there are a lot of free diet guides as well. There are actually a lot of questions like this. I have no idea how big this industry is, but these are questions that you need to ask yourself before you take on this endeavor.

    Instead of starting small, why don't you do some research on who the major players are in this industry if there are any and see how they do it.
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      Note: Actually Art is a huge market not a niche

      But the million dollar question is not "Is Art a good niche or evergreen"?

      It's ...

      What can I do, give or offer to make me stand out from the tons of competition I'll face?

      Because that's what will get you in the door ... or keep you out!

      Most people just skip past that question or issue, which is why the failure rate is so high in I.M. People ask the wrong questions - first - or ignore them entirely.
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