Free downloads of recent paid WSOs legal?

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I've discovered several websites that have free downloads of recent WSOs and other IM products that are priced up to $10 and in some cases even more. How can they do this legally? Isn't the information copyrighted and forbids giving them away? Some of these sites have been doing this for several years.
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    There are dozens upon dozens of those sites.

    DMCA notices to hosts should take care of the problem.

    Sadly, such piracy is part of doing business online if you're selling digital goods.

    Notify WF and maybe they can notify the owners for DMCA action.
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    Some products offer PLR, but I'm sure there's a rule about giving away products for Free.
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    I recently discovered a few of those sites, It's hard with this type of situation. The real world can't seem to keep up with the internet
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