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I am looking for a way to implement fast what I would like to do : creating video webcourse (for Udemy)

Please, can you share with me how you do thing?

Do you use slides, direct camcorder, webcam...?
How about edition? How can I "normalize" the sound?

I am new to this and I am looking for a path or method to do think and improve with practices.

Thanks for all.
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    Do you already use Camtasia, and external Microphone? Mac or PC?
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    I've used Camtasia for YEARS (for screen recording and just as a general video editor) and it's one of easiest and most versatile editors I've used. You can even do green screen now. (which is awesome by the way)

    You can also normalize you audio volumes like you asked. Which has been super helpful to me when I combine different cuts of videos from different sources/cameras.

    They still offer a free 30-day trial to test it out first. Just google "Camtasia Free Trial".

    Hope that helps buddy.

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    I have created 1 course for Udemy. I strongly suggest you make the test video as they recommend rather than creating the whole course and hoping they will accept it. They are very serious about video quality as well as sound. I would suggest an external microphone as well asan external camera as the bare minimum for creating courses on Udemy.

    Udemy also created a free Udemy course on how to make Udemy courses. I would strongly suggest getting it and watching it. Alun Hill is also another great resource for those wanting to make courses.

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      I second Alun Hill's course on Udemy. He offers a book as well. He is earning more money every month so he must know what he's doing. Plus he's got such a cool accent!

      Good luck!
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    Camtasia and Webcam is all you need. You can buy any udemy course on learnig camtasia and other tutorial maker software.
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    I would not use slides too much in the presentation if I were you.
    Use screen recorder software such as Camtasia.
    I've had a few courses on Udemy since they started out and I can say they are strict about what they will accept. Your content should run to one hour at least. Sound/video quality should be very good also.
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    I also love screenomatic - i have the pro version - its only 15$ per year!
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    I would use a cross between screen capture and video and provide high quality conetent
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    I would ask this question in the Udemy Studio facebook group. They are very active there and you might get a better asnwer
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