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Affiliate marketing has to be the largest sector of marketers that do business over the Internet. Online affiliate marketers might be over a million people, being independent distributors, that are tied into marketing products for online companies.

The reason so many individuals are affiliate marketing is simple. You do not have a large budget to work with and the playing field is level. Everyone stands an equal chance to make a lucrative career with affiliate marketing.

The very first thing someone needs to look into, before becoming an affiliate marketer is finding a product to market. There are many theories about what should come first, the horse or the carriage.

I have found that many successful affiliates will find the market first, then get the product to market to them.

It makes a lot of sense.If you found a affiliate program to join, marketing "Dave's Never Ending Widgets"; then you better know the market. On the other hand, if you are a member of the "Weight Loss" forum, for guys; then you might have a built-in "niche" market.

Most of the guys at the weight loss forum, seem to have endless threads about, how to loose "love handles". It's embarrassing for many of these guys to have extra flab hanging around their waists. Everyone seems to have a solid formula about love handles, yet these diets never seem to address the problem.

Enter "Clickbank". Clickbank is an affiliate program/site network. Clickbank is the go-between for companies that are looking for affiliate marketers and affiliates looking for products to market.
So, you join Clickbank and discover an ebook that a company is offering called, "How to Loose Those Love Handles, in Less than 30 days". The product sells for $49.95. Your commission would be at 70%.

You decide to market this ebook and build a squeeze page to promote the product.
Your first marketing venture is underway. You have a niche market to cater to already. So leave a few posts, leaving your link to your promo page, for some of your forum friends to visit. Some do, and purchase the ebook. You are now making money as a affiliate marketer.

The above, is just an example in order to make a tie-in. Affiliate marketing is not this easy, most of the time. It's finding a niche market that is not tapped out yet. With all of the affiliate marketing going on today, finding a niche market is essential.

You should begin by, trying to find a product to market that people can't readily find. There are many articles, ebooks, and videos over the Internet that addresses the niche market formulas for success.

As an affiliate marketer, just starting out, you will need to know how to use Clickbank, when looking for the niche markets, you can make money from. There are a few "million dollar" success stories, that were; nothing but, million dollar ideas, until the affiliates found Clickbank.

Clickbank is the Internet Grandfather of affiliation. The site is free to join. Setting up an account in Clickbank is very straightforward and a must, for anyone looking to start of a career as a affiliate marketer.

Clickbank has many online tools you can use, to track and distill results from. Take some time getting used to using all of the tools at your disposal and you will become an expert within Clickbank. This site will be your number one tool, for making your first million.

It should be mentioned, many people fail at affiliate marketing. One person, out of five, will make this career jump, a success. This is not because affiliate marketing is rocket science. Affiliate marketing is hard work, to generate vast amounts of target traffic to you squeeze page; so you can sell them the company's products. It is that simple.

You need to set up a traffic generator. This requires learning methods to generate traffic to your site. This is the real marketing trick. Some of the methods will be, learning how to article market, pay-per-click advertising, list building techniques, forum marketing, social marketing and a few other methods that are used.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel, with your marketing methods. Everything is already being used successfully. It is simply a matter of choosing the techniques already being used, that suit your tastes.

The real truth is, affiliate marketing has no set limits. Several individuals have made their mark in the millions, by affiliate marketing. Ambition has no limitations. If you set your goal on being an affiliate marketer that makes a millions dollars; then let nothing stand in your way. You will need something like Clickbank to use as your navigator in your venture. You will also need to join a few marketing forums to make some good solid connections.

Choosing products are all about, brainstorming ideas. Write everything down, then check it out on the Internet. Google is another good tool for looking at markets. Do the research and distill your markets. Distilling them is where you find the niche markets.

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    All caps and NO paragraphs...won't get much reading from this...don't even know what you're saying.

    Ask...Because you never stop learning.

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    Same comments with Steve. I don't know what is exactly your message here ?! Do you copy this article from somewhere else ?
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    Yes this is my article from my hub. Please everyone go and do a google search and you will find that this is from my HUB on hubpages. Same name as I use here. Same bio I use here. It is pretty well linked out so follow the links through Propeller or Digg or my blog and they all lead back to the same place. MY HUB.

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    Clickbank Affiliate Millionaire


    By mojoisland. Seems to fit his story.

    EDIT I see now mojoisland already pointed this out. Simultaneous post.

    I searched 3 random quoted strings from the article in Google and only came up with the Hub page... let's not assume anything out of the ordinary yet.

    Now, that being said... the "Clickbank Affiliate Millionaire" phrase is a bit hyped, but we all try to put out the best headlines. It is just not too realistic for most people to ever reach millionaire status simply from Clickbank.

    Internet Business Is Like An Onion... It Has Many Layers... And Sometimes It Stinks.
    Cook it for awhile in some nice butter or olive oil and you might be onto something!

    Money is Attracted to Movement (aka Action)
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    Thanks for the article - I signed up for your newsletter.
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    I agree that the article could use some work but it's not like we were charged for the info. To someone inexperienced, it will probably read like a goldmine. To a seasoned marketer, there's not a whole lot of substance to it but I'm sure it will still be helpful to some people.
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    hi and goog day i want to know how to generate traffic to my blog if you will just teach my on submitting articles to site and forum marketing. this is my blog how2cureacne.blogspot.com check it out and if you can give me any suggest ways on how i can improve my blog and drive traffic.
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      I'll make this short and to the point.

      You need to learn how to construct an article.

      This is long and boring and the structure is all over the place.

      I'm curious as to what your CTR is on the resource box in this article, if you
      even have one on your site.

      Needs a TON of work. And that's being kind.
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        You want to first find a Market. Second You can focus on a product. This applies to affiliate marketing and creating your own products.

        Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    To be totally honest here, I never asked for anyones opinion on the post. If you didn't like then move on to the next one. If you found it useful or informative then great. The forum is supposed to be a place where you can feel safe and comfortable with streatching your wings and trying new things. We come here to learn and or to teach.

    I have been mostly learning. I am not a writer. I wish I had the gift that Steven has. I can certainly take and accept constructive criticism when asked for, but when It's not asked for..well it wasn't asked for.

    I offered up the post purely to try to add something to the board. I did not do it to get clicks to something I was promoting. It was not a plug for a program I stand to make money off of.

    As members of this board, we come from various walks of life with various experiences and different levels of expertise and knowledge. If people feel that if they post something they will then have to deal with the ridicule and bashing of more advanced or seasoned vets here, then why would anyone take a chance here?

    If I had asked for opinions then I open myself up to criticism. I did not ask. Take the post or leave. Personally at this point I could care less.

    For the senior members here...you are supposed to be helping others, at last that is one of things that this board is known for. The saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say..."

    Are people on this board so full of themselves that they have to smack down others to stroke their inflated ego's? Who asked for your opinion???

    Was there ever a day where you were not an expert? A day where maybe you were not perfect at something? A day where what you had to offer was not as excellent as those more experienced than you?

    I realize it is a great big world out there and that it takes all kinds of people to make it up, but I had thought that I could have expected more from the members of this board.

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    Stop whining.

    So you didn't ask for opinions - tough cookies. You posted your article here - and again, this is not a forum for posting articles - so it was open for discussion, and criticism as well.

    As for senior members "helping," that's just what we were doing. We were trying to let you - and other newer members that read your article - that it was poorly written and not really a helpful guide to becoming a "Clickbank affiliate Millionaire."

    If your fragile ego is so hurt by honest criticism, you're in the wrong place.
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