Is starting off in freelance writing still profitable ? and whats the best way to start off?

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Is starting off in freelance writing still profitable ? Whats the best way to start off?

What are some good freelance writing/article writing courses and sites that you can recommend to me?
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    For some, freelance writing is very lucrative. For others, particularly the ones that work through content mills, not so much. Success in this field depends on so many things... most importantly, your skills and connections.

    So take a look at for now. Once you've mastered that, check out Writers and Authors : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for industry expectations.

    Then (1) skip the online freelance sites and content mills, (2) head on over to for steady writing employment, and (3) join professional writing associations - not FaceBook pages or LinkedIn groups (unless they belong to an organization).

    #3 will complement your efforts at #2. #1 will only bring you frustration.
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    Like any profession it's going to take a lot of time and effort to be successful. But going by the amount I spend on content from freelance writers each month yes I would say it is profitable.
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    You don't need any courses or specific guidance- just start writing daily and practice your craft. For example-

    Originally Posted by imagoodguy View Post

    What are some good freelance writing/article writing courses and sites that you can recommend to me?
    How could you have written this more clearly? Out of 23 words total, you have seven that don't play nice with each other. Bad sign. Writers take pride in everything they write, and the skill comes from the repetition. So you either want to seek perfection in everything you write or you don't....but just "getting the point across" is never a recipe for success.

    Other than that, there are dozens of freelance sites to find work on and you should take the time to start a personal blog just to get some of your own thoughts visible to others. Guest posting on other people's blogs will help too, just to give you a variety of references. Then spend some time learning about SEO and online marketing so you bring value to your clients- that's how you become a writer that's in demand.

    By the way, others will tell you to buy courses, study other writers and all kinds of stuff...but that's horrible advice. I've been writing professionally for over two decades now and trained hundreds of writers, and I've never seen one that gave me a weak sample become a great writer down the road. You either have it or you don't, and courses are not going to change that any time soon.

    In a nutshell- just start writing and ask for feedback. That's the quickest, safest, cheapest way to know right away if you have potential or not.

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    Of course it's profitable. Writing is a job that will exist as long as people need things written. The real questions you need to ask yourself are:

    1. Can I deal with clients?
    2. Can I write a LOT? Keep in mind if you want to make 80 bucks a day at two cents a word, well, you do the math. Anyone who types under 50 WPM is better off doing something else.
    3. Do I have marketable knowledge? Can I google, read, etc. and THEN write along with coming up with my own creative spin on it?

    There are many easiers to make money online, but writing is one of the few where there is no risk involved. You simply take a job and do it. Having a website and all of that is great, but it isn't necessary. Start putting yourself out there and Google some writing sites. Note: you most likely won't be writing about things that you like. Keep in mind that it's a job like anything else. Making your client happy is the #1 priority. You also want perfect spelling and grammar, but you can BS it a bit just because sentences can be assembled like legos (Subject, predicate, etc.) Now I've written thousands of articles, so I'll tell you it's probably the hardest way to make money online, but it's also one of the most stable.

    I made 40 bucks today and I'm a bit burnt out, but then again I finished working at 3 p.m. It has its ups and downs for sure.
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    Freelance writing is definitely still profitable, but the trick is.... you have to market your services well.

    It's nice to go on Fiverr and the other freelance sites online, but if you don't market them well, and just rely on the sites alone.... you will experience a small amount of orders.

    If you're having trouble with your writing skills, PM me, and i'll send you some good courses that will help you out with your writing skills.
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    It could be lucrative but as mentioned by others here, it does take a lot of time and effort. You're gonna need to build your reputation and credibility from scratch. It would help if you have your own blog so that if people want samples, simply send them your site. Ask for testimonials as well.
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    Another thing that's really important is persistence, It's not easy out there in the freelancing world, especially for freelancers. Not to sound too discouraging, but keep in mind that it's important to be dedicated and try to be motivated even if things don't work out immediately. Eventually they will!
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    Lots of good advice on here. I personally love the Kopywriting Kourse by Neville Medhora, but it's specific to copywriting.

    Here's the thing: your first couple gigs will probably suck a bit. But do an awesome job. Ask whoever hires you if you can keep the piece in a portfolio just to show future employers. I recommend getting a job. Whether it's as an independent contractor or an actual employee, surround yourself with people who do the same thing. I learned a massive amount at my copywriting jobs, and I'm much better at my freelance work because I had them.

    People in the IM/MMO world tend to think jobs suck, but I worked with fantastic people who taught me amazing information, and they paid me. Stable income in the writing world is a beautiful thing, even if it doesn't match the BS image a lot of people try to sell of writing easy, fun pieces from a beach somewhere for thousands of dollars. Doesn't happen.

    Also, writing on beaches is a terrible idea, and I speak from experience on that one. Sand gets everywhere.
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  • Yes - It can be very profitable. From my experience working as a freelance writer for 5+ years, most people struggle with finding good clients (which is why they turn to content mills that don't pay much). Learn to find direct clients and you'll be set for life.

    I've got a handful of great clients who keep me busier than I can handle at all times. I haven't had 'nothing to write' in a couple years now so I can make as much money as I want as long as I spend the time on it. This year I'm on track to bring in about $60k and this is not a full time gig for me.

    I don't recommend any classes or courses. Just get out there and do it. Learn by doing.

    Good Luck

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    Oh, absolutely, many freelance writers make a very profitable income.

    Have a think about whether you have a niche or a particular skill that's marketable. Are you great at persuasive writing? Informative content? Technical writing?

    Take courses if they make you feel more confident and improve your skills, but don't use 'just another course' as an excuse to put off launching your business!

    Good luck!
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