Two Keys to Fast Track Your Success

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Hey Guys!

Just thought i would share something that i learned in the few years i had been struggling to make money on line.

I came across these two keys while i was listening to an audio on personal development by Brian Tracy on the Psychology of Success. I implemented them and i got results within two months and earned my first $$$ online. So i hope this may help someone out there.

In short the first key is simply to make the decision to be successful right now.
the second is learn from the experts, study successful man and women who have achieved success in what you want to do and do what they do if you want to short cut your way to success.


So there, my two cent worth of lessons learned on success...
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    Thought I was going to learn something new
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      Originally Posted by Regional Warrior View Post

      Thought I was going to learn something new
      Just ground breaking advice . Truly revolutionary thinking lol
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    No shortcut for success, you must do in proper way which u want
    take some risk & start your business.
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    i agree with you that one of the way to achieve success fast is to follow someones footsteps but it's very unlikely that you'll achieve the same level of success achieved by that person.
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    I have learnt to surround your self with successful people and take advice from them who are successful and you will end up successful.

    Depending in what niche your in

    Sounds easy but applying it can be difficult if you don't know what your really doing.
    building an email list then building a relationship with your list can get you sales very easily.

    another thing known as KLT
    K = know
    L = like
    T = trust

    Listen to those who are already successful and follow their steps and if done without cutting any corners you will succeed.
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    Give Up? Do it now so that you regret later

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