Paranoid Me Asking Opinion on FTP Access for Freelancers

by GayleT 12 replies
Hi all,

Yes, paranoid me is wondering if it's wise in your opinion to give FTP access to
a coding freelancer.

I have posted a small project on Custom Freelance Programming. Outsource web projects to programmers and designers. and need several pages
created and uploaded to our site.

I will choose a provider with "10" feedback reviews. Is it a gamble to give FTP access
to this person? I would then change the FTP password when they are done with
the project.

I'm not very experienced in all this stuff and very much would appreciate your


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    You can create an FTP account just for them.
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  • Hi Gayle,

    There is always a small gamble when you outsource something.

    But rest assured, If you have a recent back-up of your site
    safely on your harddrive all you need to do is create an extra
    FTP account in your hosting accounts "cPanel" then delete
    that FTP account when the job is done.

    And if the guy/girl does a great job...keep their contact
    details for next time as you have already earned a little

    Take Care,

    Michael SIlvester
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    Hi Gayle,
    Feedback does not mean as much as most think, who is to say that feedback is legit ? Especially when using scriptlance which I questions their scriptlance' ethics as it is. Best advice I will give you, if you do not trust your coder then do not hire the coder. A coder and client must have a trust relationship.

    If you have a small job and just need files created and uploaded then create a new FTP with limited access (ask your host to help you if you do not know how). The FTP should only give them access to that folder you want files uploaded.

    If they do a good job and you are happy with the work then follow up with another small job and communications. Always keep communications open as that is what helps build trust. After several jobs and you are happy and you have had good communications with them then you can trust them with larger jobs and more resposibilities.

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      THANK YOU to
      Chris Lockwood
      Michael Silvester
      SiriusLin and

      I like the idea of creating separate, limited FTP folder -- I'll call my host to get directions on this.

      Thanks again,

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    Could I have the Scriptlance person email me the code and then I could upload it to my website (after I figure out how)? This would solve the security issue.


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    I always upload my own stuff. The main reason is if you can't figure out how to upload a script, you'll never be able to install it yourself and you'll have to pay someone every time you want to upload it. Giving FTP access shouldn't be a big deal unless you're giving it to an already developed site. If they are designing a new site you can give them temporary access and just change the password when they're done. You probably don't even have to make a temporary FTP account.

    Always get in the habit of installing things yourself. It can save you a lot of money in the long run. I always make sure programmers give me instructions on how to run custom work myself.
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    I've never really had any trouble with people not wanting to give me access to the stuff I need. I mean, if they don't give me the access to do it, then I'll just go on to the next job anyway.

    If they're uncomfortable with trusting me with their details (which is completely understandable) then I explain how they can just change the passwords, give me the new one, then change them back. After the first job, though, they usually just come back to me for future work anyway.

    Most places will allow you to create an FTP account for them to use, and if they need access to wordpress admin or something, you can create another account with admin rights there too. Not sure about CPanel, though...

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    Trust comes first before you think of outsourcing your task.
    However, you may create a specific ftp for specific sub folder.
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      Well, I'm new to WF, but now I see why it's so popular -- I've got helpful people giving me good advice! THANK YOU:
      Sirius Lin

      SO, now I'll learn how to upload the pages -- great solution!


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