How do you set up customized, personalized URLs?

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Hi, folks, I haven't posted here in a long time. So long that I think it was tied to an email address I closed and I had to set up a new account. I promise I'll have a profile up later today.

I've told a client about technologies that include a link that's only good for the recipient, and go to a customized web page that essentially replicates mailmerge technology.

So, for instance, if the email contained a link to, the landing page might start "Shel, thanks for visiting."

But it would be otherwise pretty much the same as a link found at

I'd like to number one, find an example I can show her. I know I've received many emails like that but I apparently dumped them all.

And number two, I'd love to know if there's an automated and easy way to set this up.

If there's a way to prepopulate the reply form with the recipient's email address, that's even more cool.

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