What's the deal with sex books on clickbank?

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Just curious how some people are getting away with selling sexually themed books on clickbank with paypal as a payment option?

With titles like Ejaculation Trainer and Secret Orgasm Tips, I would think that wouldn't go over so well with Paypal's TOS.

I would appreciate your input.
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    Oh is that against paypal TOS..I guess I better check..

    and by the way I'm having a hard time converting one of those products anyway.. Im sending an average of 20 to 50 hits per day on one of them for three months now and I haven't sold one yet..

    I guess a lot of people wants to look at them but doesn't want to spend money on something you can do on instinct..

    Best wishes..

    Raul Omar Diaz
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      Well, this is what their Acceptable Use Policy says:

      "PayPal prohibits transactions for all sexually oriented digital goods. Digital goods include downloaded pictures or videos, subscriptions to websites, or other content delivered through a digital medium"

      So, i would assume that includes sexually themed ebooks?

      The reason I asked is because I am working on some products myself but so far Paypal and Clickbank don't seem like good options for them
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    I understand Paypal's policy on this and I agree it would fit in as something they are against, but how would they really know. I haven;t bought anything from clickbank in a really long time, but doesn't it just show up as a charge from ClickBank and doesn't specify the product name or anything? Just curious as I cannot remember.

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    I would like to know myself. I'm not gonna buy one on my paypal account just to see what shows up though.
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    Well you could just buy something else from CB just to see what shows up in the receipt. Just a suggestion.

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    I have actually, (just one of Chris Rempel's reports though) and the title in my paypal Transaction Details clearly states the product name.

    So i guess it's hard to say what is possible.

    Just wondering if there is some kind of "sex ed" type of loophole they are falling into or if they just dont sell enough to trigger Paypal to do much about it.
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    Youre probably attracting tyre kickers because theyre concerned about the possibility of having "Ejaculation Trainer" show up on their credit card statement.

    "umm honey, whats this...?"

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