Is it ethical to outsource Fiverr gigs?

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Let's say you buy something on there at $5 and nowhere on the terms of service does it say you are forced to credit/acknowledge the creator. Is it unethical or illegal to resell it somewhere at $7-10? I don't see how it's any different from dropshipping. You're just taking someone else's product and acting as the middleman that's getting someone something that they're looking for. You might even be better at communicating with a fiverr user about what you are specifically looking for. You'd never say that it was your product in the first place, you're simply selling it. The only real difference is that it's usually intellectual property on Fiverr. If there was some disclaimer stating that you couldn't do it on the page, it would be different. The creator would probably be getting the bigger cut either way.

Anyway, all advice is welcome. I am just curious what this board thinks of this. Not saying I will try it.
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    Almost everything in affiliate marekting is semi-unethical.. just gotta know where your line is.
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    So if my buyer instructions go like "client wants x logo to look like y" then I'm pretty much clear, right? There's not even any gray area that that's what I'm doing.
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    Tons of people use Fiverr to outosorce to. If the customer is happy with the resutls than there is nothing wrong with it. Your happy, the customer is happy, and so is the fiverr supplier!
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    Doesn't every large service-based business operate this way?

    Say I owned a lawn cutting business. My customer pays me $50 to have their lawn mowed. I pay my worker $25 to cut the lawn and pocket the other $25.

    Is that unethical? No. That's running a business. Everyone is happy with the end result, so what's the issue?

    Specifically to Fiverr, I'm pretty certain you own all rights to the IP once the gig is completed, so you can do whatever you want with it.
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    Fiverr is world no.1 online marketers platform. I think it's ethical.
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    I think it's completely ethical, you're the middle man and if you're providing a good service/product at reasonable price, then all parties are happy.

    Outsourcing from Fiverr is a legit business model that some of the biggest marketers in the business use for various tasks.
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      This is ethical IMO because you spend time to find a good supplier in Fiverr and also you will provide some customer service to the end buyer. So you deserve some profit as well.
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    Absolutely fine. You know the traders on the original silk road operated on the same principle. They took items from point A to point B in the hopes of making a profit. What you are doing is the 21st century silk road. You are providing a service or product needed elsewhere from where you received it.
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    You're working as the middleman, it's not as if you didn't put in a single ounce of effort. Let others go for the competitive price market, and you go ahead with your premium priced deals, that is, provided you have the knowledge to sell them.

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      This is what is known as arbitrage and there has been several products put out about it.
      Fiverr sellers love it when they get a regular supply of gigs and you are also helping them build their business. After all they also have the opportunity to sell their products at higher prices but lets face it Fiverr gets a lot of traffic so it must be working for them.
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