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what are some merchants that allow direct linking to the product page w/ ppc?

I'm looking to do affiliate marketing of ecommerce products on ppc (adwords and bing) through direct linking to the product page.

there arent many merchants on shareasale that allow direct linking (most require a landing page) but there are a few which are included in the terms of service.

i'll probably have to do some digging through various products, but I was wondering if anyone know some off the bat to begin
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      Originally Posted by Harry B View Post

      I promote 10 products from shareasale and when I applied initially every one of them said ppc was not allowed. If there is such a merchant that allows it I have never seen it. I used to work for google adwords and at that time affiliate links were not allowed (redirects were not allowed)
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    Hi Harry B,

    What are the niches you are looking for ?
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    You might have to choose a different business model or affiliate program if you want to do direct linking. Don't limit yourself to shareasales. There are other great places on the market if you want to go this route. Plus you could also just create and sell your own product.
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