Monetization ideas: How would you monetize a website that gets 600 views per day?

by hannesaj 6 replies
I have a website that gets about 400-800 pageviews a day (150-250 unique visitors).

I already have AdSense and ShoppingAds all over the site but I'm only earning a few dollars per month.

I used to have CPX Interactive banners on the site but I got deactivated because I wasn't getting enough traffic.
- any alternatives you can recommend? Banner programs that pay (good money) for impressions?

Do you have any ideas how I could get a bit more out of this website? I would think that with these kind of numbers you should be able to bring in at least a high two figure number

The site is an article directory and most of my traffic is from writers/marketers submitting their articles.

- Hannes
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