How to keep from annoying customers?

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Hi Warriors,

I've been building a list for a while and would like some ideas of how to keep from annoying my customers. You see, I'm selling a product and have about 7 followup messages marketing this product. The problem is, when someone purchases the product on followup message 1 through 5, they still get followup emails asking them to buy something they're already purchased!

In the past I've attempted to have them sign up to a customer list on the download page, but not all of them signed up. Should I force them to sign up to another list before they get the download?

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Hi Mate,

    It's hard to say...since you dont mention
    what system that you are using to manage

    But I will assume that you are using aweber
    and paypal.

    Set-up your system so that they have to
    opt-in to get their download and then have
    aweber remove them from the "Leads" list
    as soon as they are on the "Buyers" list.

    Take Care,

    Michael Silvester

    P.S If you are not following up with your buyers
    you not only missing a big opportunity of not
    building a further relationship with them, but you
    are aslo losing money by not having a sublist
    of buyers to offer more products.
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    Using aweber and paypal, yes. I hate to force customers to sign up to another list to get something they just purchased, but it's probably better than having them get emails asking to buy the same thing. Thanks for the tips!
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