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by Callum
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Hi all,

Just a question about how I would go about/ is this possible.

If you had a monthly newsletter, but kept it online (eg softcopy pdf) would it be possible to run something like this (similar to magazine model I guess):

-new subscribers join that month and get each month after as long as remain subscribed.
- subscribers can 'buy' back issues, but they aren't included in the subscription
- anyone can buy individual issues

Ideally you wouldn't want to email links/copies every month. Back issues I guess could be individual products, but is there any script or such that could handle this sort of concept?

Essentially, after a way to have members join and receive the current month onwards NOT starting from the first month, and buy back issues. Though I just realized I could probably sell back issues separately from the site (eg e-junkie) and have the sequential membership site.

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    I recall easymemberpro offering this. But I'm not sure what the status of the script is. I recall Kim selling the business so double check.

    Also check out Amember, SimpleMemberPro and the Rapid Action Profits Membership Addon. These are all top notch scripts. They probably offer these features.

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    what about butterflymarketing script ? how good is that comparing with those you mentioned above?

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    Hi Callum,

    Drop Steve an email at - he should be able to help.

    Kind Regards,
    Mark Ramskill, SubHub
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