How to find if your product will sell before creating it?

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If you want to create an info product but first want to see if it will generate profits, how do you go about finding this information? Are there any tools to help you do this?
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    Create a product to fill a need people already have and are spending money on.
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    What's out there similar? Do you have a related site getting traffic and "money" searches?

    Are there people advertising related products on adwords?
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    You can go to Google Trends to find out what info are people searching for. This might give you some idea about your solution.
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    A few suggestions of the top of my head...

    Firstly, be sure to do thorough keyword research to ensure theres enough entry level interest.

    As for identifying profits, Im not sure if this is possible, however you *could* perform a survey using survey monkey and actually *ask* people what they would be willing to pay for your product *before* you launch, or even create it.

    However its always encouraging to check the following to see if theres buying volume in your niche.

    1. Check adwords, if people are readily investing money into certain keywords that relate to your product, thats always an encouraging sign.

    2. Check user groups and forums. If there are dozens of forums out there with hundreds or thousands of members, this too is encouraging.

    3. Check clickbank, paydotcom etc. If people are already in the marketplace, *selling* this is always a good sign.

    4. Run a few searches in Google and see what is already existing in terms of your niche. See what people are offering/selling.

    Heaps of traffic is useless without buying volume, so asking this question is a good starting point. Im by no means an established IM'er, but this should give you something to think about.


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    Yeah what ramone_johnny posted is a great start....

    Do not forget about those smaller search engines either as trust me they have thousands of searchers.


    Research and locate "Niche Specific" search engines...

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  • You can go to and look at the marketplace. See how many products there are in your niche, then look at the gravities of each item.

    If there are a couple of products with gravity 80-100 or above, and one or two stragglers, you probably have an item that will sell.

    Ultimately it depends on your marketing and sales copying skills.
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      Setup a simple squeeze page and send PPC traffic to it. You will need a small budget to drive at least 100 targeted visitors to the site. The more traffic though, the better. I say 500 is the target number.

      If you don't have a budget for this, then use other methods that are available to you.

      The reason I say PPC is because it is the fastest way to get traffic instantly.

      Then you want to look at your conversion rates on the squeeze page optin. You want to base your decision on how well you think you can optimize the site to convert better. If you know you can increase conversions, then low numbers like 1 or 2% may not be a bad sign. However, if you don't think you can increase the conversion rates, then you may want to reconsider the product.

      Even if the copy is terrible, this will give you some excellent data about this market. Remember, copy can always increase conversions as well as many other factors. But since PPC is cold traffic, you can almost always convert better using other methods as well as enhancing or including other relevant factors.

      Once they optin, then you can ask them to for their opinion on what they would like the product to cover by using a survey. You can also put the idea about surveying them on the squeeze page because you can tell them you want to deliver the best possible product and you want their opinion. This will tell you whether people in this market think a better product should me made available. If they don't want to give you an opinion on what they want, then maybe they already feel there are good products that exist and maybe this market is full of tire kickers instead of buyers. People love giving their opinion on stuff they are passionate about and this will give you an indication of whether this market has rabid fans. Also, I wouldn't try this method in a desperate buyers market because they are looking for an instant solution and that is not what you are offering them.

      I have tried this method before and I decided not to pursue a product based on my findings. I have also used this method to help me to decide to complete the current product I am working on.

      Not sure where I picked this up from, but somebody gave me this advice long before I knew how to build landing pages, squeeze pages, etc.

      Hope this helps


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    I probably survey first, put yourself into the prospective client or buyers. And always think twice before making a decision.
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    Can Market Samurai be helpful with this?
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    Research your niche. If you find a product similar to yours and is selling well, that's a good indication that if a better product is created, it will sell.
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    look into your niche and see if people are spending on it then before you create your product create a shorter report version offer this out for free as a list builder then when you complete your paid product you have your market to sell to.

    kind regards

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    Originally Posted by BubbaGump View Post

    If you want to create an info product but first want to see if it will generate profits, how do you go about finding this information? Are there any tools to help you do this?

    You can create a survey site (a single page with a way to receive comments from them) and tell people what you are looking to do and ask them what they want. Then you just build to spec.
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      Set up a "FREE VIDEO REVEALS...." site where you provide info about your project. And, before they can view the video they must "sign In" whereby you capture their info for follow-up.

      Midas Man
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    Originally Posted by BubbaGump View Post

    If you want to create an info product but first want to see if it will generate profits, how do you go about finding this information? Are there any tools to help you do this?
    All of the stuff people talk about above are simply ways to get ideas of what markets there are and what they might be interested in. But there's no way to know if a product in your brain will SELL until it's REAL, and you try to SELL IT.

    I say this as a warning to you NOT to get bogged down in endless research trying to find a "sure thing" info product. Make an educated guess, churn out the product, and put it on the market. The market will decide if they want it or not, and if they do, cultivate that product into a whole line.

    If they don't like it, go back and adjust, or try a different market. In IM, EVERYTHING is theory until you test. Everything. No result can EVER be identical, because for it to be so, ALL variables would need to be identical. And that can't EVER be because by the time you test what someone else has told you, you're already behind them, so it's not the same playing field THEY dealt with.

    The way to succeed in IM is with NEW knowledge that the competition DOESN'T have, and the only way to get that is by creating products and putting them in the marketplace. You test, you measure, you see what happens, and you adjust.

    The pre-planning should be very, very short. The ACTION phase is what should take the majority of your time. Plans are cheap after all - there are millions of "plans" here on the WF. Pick one and DO IT. Do it until it works, or until you hit your deadline of failure.

    Anyway, hope that helps. If you really have spent 6 months studying, THIS is the help you need right now. NOT more research, NOT more ways to talk yourself out of an idea that COULD work no matter WHAT any "expert" here might say otherwise.

    Stop learning, stop researching, and use your GUT. By actually doing the work and making your own mistakes, you're going to HONE your gut so that you'll soon be able to do this on your own and not even be able to tell how you're doing it.

    It's totally about instinct, and you can't hone your instincts if you don't test them. Research can't test instincts, only experiments can.

    So take some action! Make some money!

    Come back and tell us how it went.
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