How do you organize your PLR and Articles?

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How do you organize your PLR and Articles that you've purchased so you know where they are, what niche they belong to, and where you've used them?
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    The PLR articles I have usually come in folders for each niche.

    Then, I have a folder called OPC with subfolders for books, reports, software. All I have to do is 'search' the folders when I'm looking for a specific niche.

    Warmest Regards,
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    good question. I would like to see some answers to this because I have a ton of PLR and MRR products that I have a hard time keeping track of.
    I try to group things together in folders but this method doesn't seem all that
    good. I was thinking of trying to put them in a spreadsheet, but that will take
    so time to do. Anyone out there have a program to systemize this?

    -Todd Sampson
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    I am the ocd queen i have to organise all my files!!!!

    i have certain folders inside my main internet marketing folder with things on it like:

    products to make (planned products/ideas)
    products to sell (plr/mrr etc)
    my products (already live)

    i find it works really well and i also have an articles folder with articles with plr etc

    I also have a mini launches folder with all the different niches im involved in and keep any necessary notes inside it. as a result whenever i need something i can find it. I never lose anything it is organised - go inside my hubbys internet marketing files though and you will want to scream.

    kind regards

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    As Tina wrote D.A.M is excellent. You can pick that up at (Non aff link)

    If you are into mind maps Alex Goodalls IM Index is also an excellent product. You can pick it up at IM Index Mind Map (Non aff link)

    A way of organizing using folders that I have used is:

    Main folder is your niche (Say Gardening)
    Then everything I have on gardening on my HD goes into that folder from PLR/MRR etc, articles, ebooks, web sites, themes etc.

    Within that main folder you can use more folders or prefix's. Whatever you are comfortable with.

    Main folder - Gardening
    Sub folder - Web sites
    Sub folder - PLR
    etc etc.

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    Originally Posted by Scott Ames View Post

    How do you organize your PLR and Articles that you've purchased so you know where they are, what niche they belong to, and where you've used them?
    Use this free software ...


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      So I have been sitting on this one for about two months. I was thinking of making it a WSO with step by step instructions and throwing in about 100,000 PLR articles to boot for $17 but I am so busy with offline you go.

      So go to and grab this great piece of free software.

      SoftInform: SearchInform Desktop Free

      Link on download.

      1 Install the software.

      2 Grab all your PLR and put it in one central place, does not matter if you have sub folders.

      3 Create your PLR index with the software, it will than do a mount. "Basically indexes every word in every PLR article in your folder" Took my computer about 1 Hour on 100,000 PLR articles.

      Now when you need a PLR article for something type in your keyword and your list of all articles with your keyword will come up. Just like Google.

      Double click on your article choice, opens in notepad. Copy and paste to your favorite word processor. I always make a note on the notepad part before I close as to where I used the article I found.

      Next time I search using that keyword I will have a note stating that I used this article on such and such website.

      Ok, boys and girls, grab your PLR, install the software and enjoy.


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    By Topic, then by each individual zip folder so the rights/license stay within its same folder as well so nothing is lost.
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    I do it the old fashioned way - create a PLR folder, and then subfolders by subject.
    I also rename the files when saving so I have more info to go on when just browsing titles. I like to have the author's name in the title. For example, BloggingArticlesPegBaronUnrestricted (or whatever).

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    I use a system similar to Peggy's.

    I keep folders for different types of PLR - eg, articles, ebook packs, autoresponders

    Then I keep subfolders by topic.

    For each folder of specific PLR, I append the name of the site I got it from so I know where to go back to for good quality (and where not to go!)

    - Sharyn Sheldon

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