Self help affiliate products and a strange clickbank experience

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This may show how green I am but first my poor clickbank experience.

I am developing a law if attraction/self help site. I hope this is a ripe evergreen niche but a real driving force is that I nearly lost everything in my life and then discovered the main ideas if the law if attraction and thought there must be others like me and it was a topic I could write around.

I went to clickbank, found a vendor with the law of attraction stuff, crested a hoplink and then emailed the vendor asking if I could get a review copy and if they had banners.

This vendor then banned me from promoting them. I see this only because pretty link masking had the page as an error page.

I emailed them and they don't reply.
Did I seriously go wrong here? I don't want to promote what I don't know to he site is new and I told the vendor that but they just banned me. Emailed them back and nothing.

Secondly, where can I find a good self help program to promote? This also I suppose shows how green I am because I'm only using clickbank, but I can't see much else with lt full programs.

Thanks for reading and any suggestions.
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    There are plenty of other vendors. I'd suggest moving on. Probably best you're not doing business with them anyhow. All vendors are different.
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    Keep looking. Somethings up with that guy and i wouldn't worry about it to much.
    Clickbank does have very good, high quality products. One of the reasons for the approval process versos something like jvzoo where I can have product list and in their marketplace within a short little time like less than an hour.

    Find some other sites even part of the laws of attraction but in a different niche or law. There are plenty of good vendors out there but we need to qualify them first and you did a good job there with what you did so it sound like you separated this vendor out.

    Keep track and logs of everything you do so you can develop the insight on what is working and what is not....
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Did you do anything wrong? Absolutely zilch.

    The reputation you build for your business is precious and affiliating yourself with anything but products and services of exemplary quality can obviously impact that reputation in a negative way. In short, you did the right thing. And to reiterate the advice already given - I would move on. In defense of the vendor, you may not have any idea how much hassles and deceptions vendors have to deal with, and quite a lot of the time it clouds judgement. Anyway, like I say, onwards and upwards.

    I don't work in the market, but here's a tip for sourcing a quality product: locate the major players in your market and see which products they're pushing. This is no guarantee of quality, but it gives you a bunch of possible offers to research. What you then do is Google them, read reviews, especially user-reviews, not affiliate reviews.

    One problem you'll encounter right now is getting review products. You probably don't have the traffic to make it worth the while of the vendor, but you know what they say: it doesn't hurt to ask.

    - Tom

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      Thanks for the replies.
      The heavy duty guns are Anthony Robbins, Jordan Belfort, and Bob Proctor and the original secret people.

      Unfortunately, I believe that Bob Proctor and the secret folks pay a fee to promote. I would promote anything by robbins or Belfort obviously... but i really should look if they have programs.

      Meanwhile, I'll continue to build the content for the site and devise my first real cohesive sales funnel.
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    As far as the banning. Are you from a non tier 1 country? I have seen vendors ban affiliates that did not live in the US, UK or AU for example.

    Second, do you have an Amazon affiliate account? If so, you can always advertise LOA books, CD, DVDs etc.

    Rob Whisonant
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      Originally Posted by stevenjcampbell View Post

      I emailed them and they don't reply.
      Did I seriously go wrong here?
      Maybe you messed up on the law of attraction ?
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