Where can I purchase quality Guestposts?

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Does anyone know where I can purchase or find an authors that can do guestposts on authority sites? I'm in a health niche! Please advise!
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    Standby. They'll find your PM inbox soon. Otherwise, their sigs will be in this thread. :eyeroll:
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    If you want high quality authoritative posts you will need to look within the niche that you want posts about. Going to most freelance and writer networks will not generally give you experts in a specific niche.

    One of the things you could do is a search on a keyword phrase that is specific to the niche. Then contact the top sites that show up in the search results (SERPs) for that phrase. You may be able to get an expert guest post on the exact subject you want. Alternatively, you might have to pay to get your post.

    But the bottom line is . . . go into the exact and specific niche that relates to your ideal post - it's where you'll find the experts. Some freelancers will do research to make a post sound professional - but there really is no substitute for actually using an expert to write your post.



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    No need to pay.

    As Steve B said, you should just research the top health blogs in your sub-niche.

    Here's the step-by-step approach I would use if I were working on your project

    1) Using Similarweb and other similar tools, I'll find blogs that are similar to yours or your target blog type

    2) I'd filter the blogs for DIRECT TRAFFIC or SEO LINK value by using similarweb/Alexa Site info and other tools

    3) I'd reach out to the people behind those blogs regarding guest posts. I would make sure I already have sample posts up so they can see the quality of my work. IDEALLY, I'd reach out to the TOP blogs only if a HIGHLY AUTHORITATIVE BLOG already published one of my guest posts.

    4) If I don't have the time, I'd outsource all these steps to a VA

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    You don't need to purchase guest posts. You can simply search on google which is even better. Go to google and type in blogyour topic/niche here) then you'll get tons of results. Just keep building relationships with people and once there's a solid foundation, then you can ask them to guest blog post on your site.

    For this to work however, you need to have stable traffic at least 50-100 unique visits daily. You'll also need to have content in your site. People won't want to guest post on sites that don't get traffic. Remember a guest post is a reciprocated action. They provide content you give them traffic. I would recommend you start doing guest posts first. That way, you build relationships with other bloggers, you'll be able to get traffic to your blog and you can build a list which would be critical for your long term traffic generation.
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    It would be less time-consuming for you if you would just give your trust to freelancers. I know service providers from the Philippines who are great at this job and in offering content writing services, in general.
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    Guest posting takes too long.. I prefer to pay myself. It's funny... I didn't see ONE response with a helpful resource on buying quality guest posts..

    Throw the guy a fricken' bone here guys..Fat Joe. Link Building Services for SEO Agencies

    Enjoy, and thank me later!
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