Are You Monetizing from "Ezine Publisher" Section of EZA or Just "URL Clicks"?

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(Sorry for the long Opening Post in advance... but it may be interesting)

Hi Warrior Friends,

So I was just looking at the stats page for EZA now and noticed something that might change the game plan for my article distribution.

I was comparing multiple articles in two or more different niches that I wrote in June, both generating about the same number of hits (about 170 hits each).

One article is in IM.

Another article in Small Business Marketing.

Observed interesting results in number of page views.

Out of 170 views that these two articles generated, the IM article has 33 "URL clicks" with only 1 "Ezine Publisher Page" click. And the Small Business article has 0 "URL Clicks" with 16 "Ezine Publisher" Click.

Then I compared not just the two, but ALL of my articles in both of these niches. Results were similar.

Finally, I compared articles in IM niche against all others (not just small biz, but everything else). IM seem to have lots of more "URL clicks" and almost 0 Ezine Publisher clicks. Whereas my non-IM niche articles have almost 0 URL clicks but always double digit (10-20) "Ezine Publisher" clicks.

So if you publish articles in more than one niche, please look up your EZA account and compare the results. Do you discover anything worthwhile paying attention to? Can we possibly exchange some ideas and different game plans?

Honestly, I haven't paid a lot of attention to "Ezine Publisher" section until now and I must be the first to admit that all I cared were number of URL clicks.

But this observation can change some people's game plans and if you've already done some case study on this, I believe it will greatly benefit the forum members.

My observation:

1. If you're struggling redirecting URL clicks to your destination page, your choice of niche may play large part (so it's not entirely your fault nor your article is the problem).

2. "Ezine Publisher" page is where it has all the stats and keyword density about each article, so some people can be spying on your articles and this might explain most plagiarized articles of mine (that others have published) are outside IM niche. They look at keywords and other stats, if it looks good, they paste on their Adsense sites.

And this is most important... if we can discover something.

3. Are there any ideas we can discuss how to monetize the EZINE PUBLISHER section since it gets better exposure with certain niches (most likely outside IM niche).

I came to this observation after looking at my Ezine Publisher and thought "Why do these people want to know anything about the Ezine Publisher?" when IM articles of mine go straight to URL clicks (I like it that way).


Is this interesting? or an old news? (maybe just new to me?)

Well, I thought I was good at article marketing, but hey if you know anything else we all can do to better monetize the Ezine Publisher section or whatever else I brought up, please do share.
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