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My partner and I developed an API for our ecommerce/affiliate/membership site management service.

We already provide a simple membership site creation and management solution but with the popularity of Wordpress and people wanting to turn their Wordpress Blogs it into membership sites I decided that the smart way for us to provide a solution would be to create an API and let people create their own plugins.

The thinking is that if people have an api and can create their own plugins they can design their WP membership how they want.

So here is the deal...

To encourage developers who might want to create and give away or even sell their own membership plugins to work with our API I am willing to give away Viral Premium publisher accounts in our network.

I figure that for a decent WP plugin creator it would not take much to create a plugin to your liking.

My only requirement would be that in exchange for the free publisher account that you A. Create a plugin that works with our membership API and B. Offer it to the public... free or paid I don't really care...

If your plugin works and is good I may even promote your free or paid solutions.

Now having said that our system can post to up to 5 urls at a time so if you want to get real creative you can use it to create forum accounts, blog acccounts, and accounts at third party sites.

What we do is handle the ecommerce end of things, the billing, the monitoring of billing, affiliate management, and all sorts of other stuff... basically we have an enterprise solution and I'd love to see what creative inventors can do with the API creating plugins for Blogs, Forums, CMS, Their own scripts etc.

You can checkout the API here:

Nanacast API - Nanacast.com Outbound API

You can post any support questions about the API here:


If you are a developer and serious about creating plugins for WP blogs, forum scripts etc. contact me and tell me your idea and interest and I will hook you up with your complimentary viral publisher account... a $700 a year value.
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