How many times a day do you check your clickbank results

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I made my first Clickbank sale the other day, since then i can help but keep checking several times a day.

What about you ?
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    It is better to check how many things you are doing to get more sales or drive more traffic. The sales will take care of themselves if you focus on growing the business further.
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    I have a script that emails me anytime a sale is made whether it's an affiliate sale or my own product. It also emails refunds/chargebacks/subscriptions. Thus eliminates the need for checking all the time. You can PM me or contact me through the link in my signature if you want the script.
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    If you use the time you are 'wasting' checking clickbank, to actually working on promoting your products, your business will be growing a lot quicker.
    I know it is tempting but you must stop. Once a week....
    Even if you check 5 times a day and spend 5 minutes a time that is 25 minutes that could have been put to much better use.
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    Do you know how long it takes to update for a sale?
    I am testing some ads on facebook, and keep checking to see if it looks like it will be successful, so i am checking way too often.
    I have only made one sale so far, $14.21 however I have spent 3 x that on various ads on facebook.
    One of the ads on Facebook made the sale, so i have tried to up scale that. I'm currently getting a click through rate at 0.14%. Currently costing £0.28 per click.
    Click bank stats
    Hop count =321
    Earnings per hop - $0.04
    Hops per order = 321
    Hops per order form impression = 160
    Order Form impressions = 2
    Initial sales count = 1

    Are these really bad figures?
    I'm not trying to make millions here, but trying to learn the method to make a couple hundred a week without spending double that would be great.

    What's your thoughts guys?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Example #1

    The product and traffic system you have in place for it remains unchanged in months. At the end of your working day, a cursory look at the stats would suffice. Rarely will you see a surprise. Hundreds of campaigns can be brought to mind, and given the time of day, you should have a fairly strong idea of how much they've earned.

    Example #2

    All that changes when you're promoting something new or when you're investing heavily. New products, and indeed new traffic systems for them, require very frequent checking, allowing you to ensure your conversion optimizations are on point. The same can be said when you're heavily investing in traffic. In fact, in my experience, there's a positive correlation between how much you invest and the amount of times each day you check your stats. Upshot: I want to ensure I'm not screwing up and wasting money.

    - Tom

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    I've been doing this since 2005 and I still can't help myself. I'm a stats junkie.

    But most of the time I do go back and check, there are more sales in there.

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