Is this something you guys need?

by Eric Johnson 3 replies
I have been interested in productivity systems for a long time. I know a lot about it and I spend a fair amount of time a day researching and getting to know my inner productivity geek.

Sooooo, I've been thinking about creating info products and a blog about this for people who work at home, like us Internet Marketers. You know, products that will help you learn to get control of your day. Learn how to get more done in less time.

Does this sound like something you guys are interested in? Let me know the truth so I don't waste my time...
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    I was a 'Productivity Engineer' for ten years, in the brick and mortar world.

    The only way you can get the kind of response you expect is to some-how convince these IM'ers that your product will 'inspire' or force them to follow your instructions.

    You might sell a bunch, but wannabees want to be told it's easy and fast.


    Need a Simple Product/Service to Market to Offline Clients? Sell Them DFY Custom Videos.

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    Teach people to spend less time reading and more time acting.

    If you can convince people to do this and it goes viral you will make a killing.
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      Ouroboros, so did you consult with businesses on how to be more productive?
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        Eric, I assume you want an honest response. So here it is.

        I would have no use for it whatsoever.

        I make my to do list the night before, then I get up in the morning and do it.

        All I need for that is excel and my two hands.

        Unless it's going to actually motivate me, which I don't need, it is of no value
        to me at all.

        My personal opinion is that this is going to be a tough sell unless you can
        really show some solid benefits from it.
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