Do You Have PayPal Subscription Issues As Well?

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PayPal is really irritating me. There is a subscription which is active but I can't find it in the history. Recently a subscription payment was sent, but did not get recorded in the merchant's side.

Others are saying the same thing, what about you!?
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    I've had a few problems but only with paying hostgator. So I don't know who's fault it. I keep getting emails saying my payment is overdue so I pay it manually, then I notice in my account the payment has been taken.

    I emailed hostgator rather than paypal. They cancelled all subscribtions for me and I've started one up again but it does still happen now and again.
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    What a coincidence. I just experienced this yesterday where I signed up for HostGator using Paypal. Only to receive an email from HostGator stating that I hadn't paid. I assumed it was an isolated incident. Now I know to keep an eye on my billing in the future.
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      The problems I am having the last 2 days since the crash are that I am not
      receiving some of the PayPal emails when a purchase is made. I'm getting
      the DLGuard subscribe email but no email from PayPal. So I have to look up
      what the transaction is in order to find out what was purchased.

      I hope they get this worked out soon.
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