Red Highlights on Warrior Forum

by BradCarroll 3 replies
Hi All,

I just started noticing red highlights on WF member usernames and on thread titles that show up as WF search results. Also with pretty much all the user control panel stuff.

I'm using Firefox 3.0.1. I just downloaded the Google Chrome browser and wonder if this might be a side effect (like how the latest MS Office has a malicious-if-just-annoying effect on Open Office, even after you uninstall and delete it).

Anybody else have this problem?


edit: I'm not having this problem with Chrome...
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    This is not a problem.... They are red to show you they are the results for the search term you are looking for.
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      Do you use the seo firefox plugin? I had a bit of a d'oh moment because I didn't realise I had it activated and most links were highlighted red (to show no follow link).

      Not sure if that's what your problem is but just thought I'd throw that in just in case!

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    Hey Lakshay, it's not just with search results but with user names and all of my control panel. Not too big a deal since suddenly I'm using a different browser, but I was wondering if anybody else had this problem.

    Jem, I think you may have it! I just re-installed Firefox and the SEO plugin yesterday, that may have had something to do with it.

    Okay yes, just checked it out and turned the highlighting function off (it was never on before. Hmmm...). That fixed it, thanks!

    As it is, I think I'm going to be using Google Chrome most of the time, except for when I want to use the SEO plugin or other tool. I'm really liking the Chrome

    Thanks Y'all

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