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Hello everybody,

Even though I have my account here for many years, I never posted, I just read topics, but now it's time to ask some questions as I did not find any answers.

I recently created my first digital products, an ebook and I am about to launch it. I desire to use ClickBank because I want to promote it through affiliates too (I will also do my own promotion) but I do not feel comfortable with the download method ClickBank uses. I am not confortable having a secret download page that can be accessed by anyone who knows it, that can easily be shared. At the beginning it may be ok, but in time I have to find another solution which I would actually like to implement from the benigging .

I read about eJunkie in conjunction with ClickBank but I do not understand how exatly works. I read that I will have to use an eJunkie page, thank you page , BUT will clickbank affiliates still be able to earn their commisions if I use eJunkie with ClickBank for their download method?

What other solutions are there?

I am eagerly waiting for replies that can help me.

Thank you very much
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    There are various products and services on the market that secure your clickbank thankyou page and/or downloads from unauthorized intruders.

    Some run on your server - you install them once, and that's it - and in most cases you pay a one-time fee for such products. Some run on third party servers - you pay for the third party to provide a service (usually a percentage of all your sales for as long as you continue to use their service). It is my understanding that ejunkie provides the latter type of service.
    ClickBank Vendor?
    - Protect Your Thank You Pages & Downloads
    - Give Your Affiliates Multiple Landing Pages (Video Demo)
    - Killer Graphics for Your Site
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    I have heard about some script that doesn't allow an IP address to hit your download page if that same IP never hit the homepage first. But i have no clue what its name is..

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    Thank you guys for your answers.

    I found a ClickBank function that can protect my download page and I implemented it, working fine (even though the link can be shared which I don't like):

    But i still do not know how to protect my product, because when accessed directly, it can be downloaded. That is why I was thinking ejunkie.

    I really need adviced on this.
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    I checked out Sunil's product from the signature, but when I try to Add to Cart, i receive a message:
    "Thank you for your interest in this product, but sorry we are unable to forward you to the ClickBank order form at this time. "
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    Consider using "DL Guard". It's a very good product for your concerns, and easy to setup.
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    I did that too, it's the same message I get.
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    Some peoples uses for download pages protection diverse membership plugins(if using WordPress as their platform). Maybe do some research into this matter?
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    You're never going to be able to completely secure a PDF download. The only way to make sure no one unauthorized sees it is to use a membership site. You can secure the download page and the file, but you can't keep someone from sharing the file once it's downloaded. A membership site keeps anyone out who hasn't paid, so the only thing you need to worry about is sharing accounts.

    Keep in mind that it's impossible to stop illegal distribution of things, but most people who acquire things illegally aren't willing to pay in the first place

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