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I have this ideal on starting a website and feel the potential is great but my question is this, if the competition for this is good low competition but there is not alot of searches for this event. theer is about 15 websites dealing with this event just info websites mine wil do alot more and make money hopefully , so if the competetion is good because there isnt much out there but also the number of searches is low also what do ya think/?
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    If there are not alot of searches for the event, is there enough business?

    You will have to promote your site and offer something extra special and more to compete with the other 15 websites.

    I agree with Fraser, what makes you different.
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    I think that for you to turn a profit, you must take a bit from the posters advice and make your site distinguished from the rest. If you can create a website that has better features and benefits for the same niche that generates this much competition then you are well on your way to turning your idea into cash.
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    good post thank you for that.
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      thanks and yes my website will be alot different and will offer vendors a great service for a low price the other sites is just info sites dealing with what the target market im after do .
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        You might have something there, but you need to rethink it..
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