A good blog you read everyday (advanced Internet Marketing ) ?

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Hey what good blog can you recommend you read everyday that is compatible for advanced internet marketing audience ?

Thank You.
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    I like Videofruit and OKdork.

    All advanced stuff. Definitely not for beginners.

    It was very hard to find good advanced marketing blogs. Every marketing blog, even the 'guru' blogs, have really low quality information.
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      I have always liked Matt Furey's blog.

      He is a fitness nut but is also a world class email copywriter.

      And has products for both.

      Just a really solid writer who has influenced many others like Ben Settle.

      Pat Flynn is another one who has some good stuff

      - Robert Andrew
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    I know this isn't exactly what you asked for but I usually follow various IM blogs via Facebook when I see someone post something interesting.

    Also, not specifically IM related but I like to keep up with TechCrunch. =D
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