How do you go about finding a JV partner if you don't have a list?

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Hi everyone

I was just wondering if anybody who had experiences with JV's could tell me if there is any way of securing a partnership or participating in giveaway events if I don't have a list yet?

As you can probably guess I will be finishing an informational project of my own shortly and I would like to promote it to a definate target market, but all that I have read about JV's entails that I already have a list I can share with my partner(s). is this only something I can look forward to when I am more established or successful with my list building and if yes, does anybody have any tips on how to promote this product (an ebook, workbook, and a couple of other forms) effectively.

Any tips appreciated - thanks
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    Hi Lisa,

    If you've got a solid product and great sales copy that converts well (prove it up yourself using PPC to drive traffic) then offer people high affiliate commissions (say 75%) and you'll have no shortage of people wanting to promote you.

    Even better if you do the hard work for them and have a bunch of affiliate "tools" lined up such as proven PPC ads, email campaigns, articles, banners etc etc.

    Hope that helps,

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    I think if you just ask someone you'd like to JV with and be honest with them (that you don't have a big list right now but you're working towards it) then they may still want to JV with you.

    Also, start establishing relationships with other marketers. Make friends because you know, I do some things for friends and never ask for anything in return. I do it because I care. You may find your best JV partner that way.

    Can you network outside of the home with other marketers? In Atlanta we have a pretty large one and I can tell you a lot of connections were made in 2 hours.

    Be honest, be sincere, and you may be surprised.
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    Originally Posted by dluhut View Post

    PPC. Wouldn't that going to cost huge?
    Not really. You don't have to spend a fortune on PPC. For a couple of hundred dollars you can easily prove the conversion rate of a sales letter using long tail keywords that don't cost much to get clicks from.
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    Honesty is the key!

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      I've found one of the best ways to get JV partners when you don't have a list is to search google for websites related to your niche. Then contact each webmaster and offer them a review copy of your product and ask them if they would like to promote it on their website.
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    Good suggestions. I've been thinking about this issue myself and wondered where to start.

    Thanks for asking the question Lisa and thanks to the good content reply guys
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    Want to get somebody to promote your stuff? Send him a bunch of sales, period.

    If you bring him a bunch of sales as an affiliate and then you contact him and tell him who you are, he can't ignore you.
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    Leverage is your answer.

    Find something they need... something they will want.. use that as your introduction pitch.
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