1 hour $$$ vs 1 hour wasted.

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I see a lot of people posting about how they waste so much time online.
How do you identify what is the best return for your time?
Are there things you know you should be doing, or something that would be more beneficial.
Like you could spend an hour looking though this forum, or you could spend an hour posting in other Forums promoting your product.
You could be doing a traffic exchange or creating a new website or emailing contacts.

If you define one thing that if you consistently performed, would reduce the amount of time wasted online?
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    Agree, promoting your site it's one the best ways to spend your time. Specially if you consider your site to be a long term project.
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    Everyone has their own methods. But what works best for me is to develop a specific work plan and stick to it and make adjustments when necessary. My personal definition is "actions that directly impact sales". If it doesn't directly impact sales in some way, to me it's not work it's wasting time or at best recreation.

    Research and education is another category, I've seen many people who consider that work, I don't because it doesn't directly impact sales. And when you're working, if it don't make money .... it don't make $ense. It's all in planning your work ... and working your plan.
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    Launching campaigns
    Launching campaigns
    Launching campaigns

    Really, it's the most important aspect for my business. The more real feedback I get, the more my business improves. Working on the backend of your product/service really should be the least of your worries.
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    Best return of my time is running ads. As a result, i get automatic traffic. Which leads to eating more delicious food whenever i want, sleeping whenever i want, getting horny whenever i want, sleeping whenever i want, getting horny whenever i want, eating whenever i want, and sleeping whenever i want.

    Wait, didn't i just mention these things? Weird...
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