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Can anyone suggest the easiest method of creating simple video (for SEO purposes) for someone new to video?


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    When you say for "seo" purposes the only thing SEO that videos can be used for is text based descriptions listed on video sharing sites as a description.

    The video itself will not provide you any SEO benefits nor can a video be optimized for SEO beyond the text descriptions you list on a video sharing site like youtube.

    So the easiest way to create a video would be to just press record and record your content whether its talking head or screen capture upload it to the video sharing sites and optimize your description.
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    You may look into
    They allow you to create slideshows from pictures, add text and music. Then you can submit them to the video sites and do all your tagging for SEO purposes
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    You can do it with Camtasia (TechSmith). Jing (Techsmith). If you have a mac you can easily convert Power Point slides to a movie including pictures and music using iPhoto.

    I agree with Josh, the SEO component comes when you title and describe your video on the various file sharing services (ie: YouTube)!

    Much success to you.
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      I will give another vote for Josh's reply. Using video for Seo purposes are only effective as described above.

      But, I would say the best way to make videos is using a product like Camtasia for the PC or screen flow for the Mac.

      You can without products and videos pretty fast.

      Talk soon,

      Shannon Herod
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        Thanks for everyone's input on this.

        When I mentioned "for SEO purposes", what I am referring to is the apparent ability for a blog to appear more favorably in Google's eyes when the blog links to a video, especially YouTube.

        I've been following a blogging method from a WSO I purchased on how to rank more favorably in Google. And I wanted an inexpensive & simple method of creating the videos.

        Any other input on this would be appreciated.

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    i use animoto, great and simple program. once you have your video done, don't forget to submit it to tubemogul.com
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