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Hello Marketing/ Web Gurus out there!!

I need a bit of advice or even your own opinion.

Presently I have a company I am running providing Digital Marketing Services to a few clients. I have a web presence and I have contractors and 2 people that work along side me. It's nothing big, although I would like to grow it.

Now here is the catch 22, obviously I'm still working full time and looking for a new job. Do I create another portfolio to add all my blogs and case studies, or simply show case this one? The catch is that some employers really hate when you have your own side business. But on the other hand isn't most everyone doing this these days?

Option 3 would be make the site more about me and use social media as myself (but I am rather a private person and would choose not too), plus some companies hate working with individuals so you could lose contracts.

So which way would you go? Look forward to hearing your opinions.
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    To me, at least, the solution seems simple. If you don't want to risk losing your current employment and your employer is open about not wanting you to have a side business, I would honor the employer's request.

    You can always work at home in a non-competing way (to your employer) to set up income streams that have nothing to do with your work.

    If you employer is easy to approach, I would ask him/her if it would be OK to "moonlight" online as long as it didn't hinder your ability to get your job done during your time at work. You might even hint that if you were paid more you wouldn't have to have a part time income. (Don't do this if you're easily replaceable.)

    I would not suggest option #3. It's never about you. It's only about your audience/prospects/customers and what you can do to help them.

    Good luck,


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    My opinion is that you should show case the one that you already have, it would be safer this way, When the business picks up and you are in a position of quitting your current job, then you can start doing personal branding.
    For now, using your company's site will be great! Hope this helps!
    Thank You!
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