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I know a lot of marketers are trying to develop traffic for their blogs and that there are voluminous threads on traffic already on the WF - but, has anyone quantified actual results per their efforts?

We have a general horse sense with marketing numbers like "for every 1,000 impressions - 1 sale" as a standard "benchmark" in testing print matter (flyers) and even for PPC campaigns.

What are the ones for the traffic generation methods many use to bring traffic to their sites?

For example:
Forum Signatures (number of posts) = XX visits / day
XX of Blog Comments = XX visits / day
XX of Youtube videos = XX visits per day
XX of Youtube comments = XX visits per day
and etc., etc.

Are there any case studies you know of on the WF or elsewhere that can shed light on this?

Realizing that each case is individual and that each element (keyword, tags, niche, availability of resources, poster's skills, medium traffic numbers, etc.) does impact each case, what has been your own experience as to how much / many actions were / are required to see the amount of traffic you saw from your efforts?

Did you achieve 50 visitors a day from a forum(s)? How many posts did you have?
Did you achieve 500 visitors a day from Youtube? Video or Comments? How Many?
Did you achieve 1,000 visitors a day from backlinks? Software-based? Manual? How many?

It is given that PPC is the best way to rev up traffic to any hole in the wall - that's easy - so no need for the broken record.

With some helpful insights, it may help those who "HAVE TO" do free traffic methods to better gauge their ability, needs and wherewithal for the process.

Do you think it even matters?
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