What Should I Be Looking for When Accepting Affiliates?

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I had assumed that accepting every single person who applies as an affiliate is the way to go. The more people that promote my product the better. But, the fact that there is even an application process for most of the popular marketplaces like: W+, JVZoo, and WarriorForum, suggests that product vendors are picky when it comes to their affiliates....but why?

Can someone shed some light on this please?

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    There are many reasons why you would want the ability to reject/approve any affiliate that is applying to your programs. Having run probably over 10 product launches on WarriorPlus and over a dozen through JVZoo I can tell you, YOU SHOULD WATCH who you approve.

    This is for a couple of reasons, there are the basics...

    --> Crap Traffic (You don't want to destroy your stats with someone who will push junk traffic that never converts.
    --> "Scam" Videos (People that create videos demeaning to your brand to push theirs up yet somehow promote their product) Never understood this model.

    But the real reason you should be watching is because the way that PayPal's payment system works with JVZ/W+ is that its an adaptive payment, the payment comes into your account and then disperses to the affiliate. So sometimes, affiliates will get stolen CC's, or fake PayPals etc, and purchase your product, then chargeback after they've already got the money that you paid them far out of their PayPal.

    I personally only approve affiliates with 100 sales or so through the JVZ/W+ platform because then you know that they've legitimately had experience there. Anyone under such figures I would have to jump on a call with to ensure that they are a legitimate affiliate.

    Hope that helps


    Caleb Spilchen

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    Originally Posted by nicolasmd2112 View Post

    I had assumed that accepting every single person who applies as an affiliate is the way to go.
    If you don't care about who promotes your product and where it gets spammed...

    Then I guess that could be the way to go.

    I personally, only approve 10%~ of affiliates.

    When you start doing more volume and more affiliates want to hop on board...

    You'll understand why
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