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Hi Guys

I want to write my first blog on skincare. This is a very competitive niche so I want to look at some examples of great articles/blogs to get ideas (not to copy).

My plan is to do a google search for "skincare blogs/articles" but how can I find out if these articles have had a high readership? Is there a way to get stats on articles/blogs? If so, how would I do that?
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    Use buzzsumo.com and find out what are the trending topics in your industry.
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      You can always immerse yourself in your own niche.

      Use the search engines to show you to the top sites for all your main key words. Chances are pretty good that the sites at the top of the SE results will also be some of the most popular with niche proponents.

      Visit forums in your niche and see what the conversations are about.

      Visit niche directory sites and see who is advertising there. Soon you will begin to see web site and company names showing up again and again as you do your research. These are some of the players in the industry.

      Visit portal sites in the niche and see where they take you and where they recommend you go for specific niche topics.

      Make a list of sub-topics or related subjects in your niche and investigate those places.

      There are web sites and software that allow you to gather competitor information in particular niches. Many are available like SimilarWeb.com.

      You might get lucky and find a credible blogger in your niche that recommends other related sites. You may find a blog post listing worthwhile places to visit for more information.

      But the burden is always on you to do your own research.


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    Researching other articles is a good idea because the more information you have the better, however, I think originality and your own personality in delivering the message is very important. In writing articles I always think "what would I want to read", "what is the question I want answered?" "what are most women searching for?"
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    What is also really great is "Google Alerts". It basically lets you choose specific keywords and then reminds you whenever a high traffic/ authority site publishes a new blog post containing this keywords.

    So you could make it keywords such as:

    skin youthening
    take care off your skin
    best skincare products

    The cool thing is that you'll only get notified once a rather popular website publishes such a post. Then, you can have a look at the post and use ideas to your needs.

    Hope it helps,
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    As someone who loves reading cosmetic and skincare blogs, I think you're going to need a tighter niche than just "skincare". For instance, there's a "vegan/cruelty-free skincare" community, "skincare for black women", etc. I hope you are successful in your venture!

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    One of my favourite subjects.

    I use paid services to analyze competitors. To get your feet wet, though, you can do it for free.

    Plenty of useful sites exist. Here are 2:

    1. SimilarWeb.com
    2. Open Site Explorer on Moz

    As an example case study, plonk in one of my favourite blogs, ProBlogger.net.


    You are a bit limited with a free account on SW, but 4 items to look at are as follows:

    1. Organic Keywords.
    2. Also Visited Websites.
    3. Similar Sites.
    4. Topics.

    In the case of PB, we can look at topics and see that two popular ones are "writing jobs" and "publishing." Similarly, we can see a great deal of interest in "affiliate programs" when we look at organic keywords. Finally, looking at similar and visited sites, we expand our awareness of the competition.


    This you will find really useful, Mairin.

    If we plop PB into it - and filter for "only internal" at the link source - we receive data related to blog posts, where pages are ranked according to "page authority," which can generally be taken as an indication of quality and popularity.

    A cursory look informs us that the following 3 posts have the highest page authority:

    1. How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners - @ProBlogger
    2. 10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog - @ProBlogger
    3. How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World - @ProBlogger

    Originally Posted by Mairin44 View Post

    Is there a way to get stats on articles/blogs? If so, how would I do that?
    There are many ways - I should actually write a free eBook for it. Apply the above, though, and you won't go wrong.

    Best of luck with your venture!

    - Tom

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      if you are a cute pretty girl just review what product you use surely a lot traffic come

      no offence on gender here this is what I noticed....

      on blogs mention about skin care product.

      I doing fitness also compeitive .....

      why i know because I noticed those blog on fitness which the site owner is a sexy fit girl they tend to easily get lots of traffic

      ( well on black hat way , some might be fake , they go take other girls photo , etc to put on their site )
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    Do some research and study the articles that you're looking at. Look at the structure and the way it's delivered. Then do some keyword research and look for long tail keywords. Then go ahead and start blogging away. Be consistent and work hard at it.
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    Originally Posted by Mairin44 View Post

    My plan is to do a google search for "skincare blogs/articles" but how can I find out if these articles have had a high readership? Is there a way to get stats on articles/blogs? If so, how would I do that?
    See what you can find over at ezinearticles(.com) or some of the other article directories (List Of Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic, PageRank). I noticed that several of them display a "times read" number on each article.
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    Without reading all the responses you can use something like Alexa or other traffic/web research tools (not going to start a debate on which ones are more accurate or what have you...it's rarely going to be exact data) and see what sites or even individual pages have what kinds of traffic. You can even see trailing/trends for traffic and breakdowns of country demographics, etc.

    Technorati was great for this kind of stuff until they stopped offering their blog search services to thte public. Type into google/other search engine "blog search engines" and use them to find related blogs. Note: Google is not the end all be all for finding things online. There are many many limitations to Google's search service and internet capabilities...it's still a great and the most widely used tool but branching out a bit will give you more info than the majority of your competitors
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    Popular websites usually have lots of readers. So I think you can try to find references from them..
    Don't forget about the fact that it's a hard niche. But go ahead..You will never know till you try...
    this | is | my |journey
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